Career Change Ideas for Hairdressers: 21 Quick Transition Ideas

If you're a hairdresser, you've probably wondered what else you could do with your skills. The career options for hairdressers are endless, and many don't require a lot of financial or educational resources.

Key Takeaways

If you're a hairdresser, you've probably wondered what else you could do with your skills. The career options for hairdressers are endless, and many don't require a lot of financial or educational resources.

Whether you're looking to switch careers entirely or just want to look at some new options, read on! Let's explore the top 22 career change ideas for hairdressers.

As a hair stylist, you are likely creative, have an eye for detail, and work well with others. These skills make you a perfect candidate for many different career paths. 

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And if you feel out of sorts in a hairdressing career, throw out those hair products and start fresh!

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Hair Styling & the Beauty Industry

First step to a career change is a bit of inner work.

Lisa Avery, former psychologist, coach, and writer, encourages career-changing hair stylists to consider how you define work.

Is work a job that pays the bills? Or is work a place where you can become the best version of yourself?

If you feel passionate about your work, you are more likely to feel happy and fulfilled with your job. So if you feel annoyed when people book appointments with you as a hairdresser, it may be time for a change!

As you’re looking, consider the character and personality traits you possess naturally and how to align your career with your best self!

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Strengths & Weaknesses:

Your strengths and weaknesses define what you’re naturally good at. You possess inherent abilities that help you stand out as an individual!

You might see a bit of yourself in one of these descriptions:

  • A social butterfly who is conversational, a good listener, and could sell sand to someone dying of thirst!
  • A by-the-books person who wants to please your manager. You can see yourself excelling at an office support position. 
  • Someone who feels drained when others talk your ear off all day long! Now you need a career that plays to your authentic strengths, including a surprisingly analytical side.
  • A super creative individual who needs more freedom to design works of beauty or deeply thought-provoking works of art. You need an outlet for your artistic ideas, but hairdressing never let you express your desire to create something new!
  • A flexible and agreeable individual who would like to work from home and make your own schedule.

Understanding what you're naturally good at before making a huge shift into a completely different field is wise. You don't want all the problems you have with hairdressing to follow you into a new career!

However, changing fields away from hairdressing doesn't necessarily solve your need for a career change. You may find a career-adjacent area that plays to the skills, strengths, and knowledge you already possess!


Values are about what you find most important in your life. "You probably have some guiding principles that inform your decision making, goal setting, and overall disposition. " (2)

According to, examples of core values include:

  • Altruism
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Generosity
  • Courage
  • Gratitude
  • Well-being
  • Sustainability
  • Family
  • Self-respect
  • Adaptability
  • Uniqueness
  • Assertiveness

Knowing your values can help you narrow your career choices and find one that aligns with your lifestyle and beliefs. Many individuals in hair styling can feel burned out with the emphasis on physical beauty and trendy styles. 

However, you can often stay in the same field by learning a few new skills, switching environments, and trying something new!

If you're feeling stagnant as a hair stylist, keep reading to learn more tips to evaluate yourself and what you need in a career. And keep reading to see our top 21 career change ideas for hairdressers below!

Passions & Interests:

Your passions and interests are simply what you love. Knowing what you love doing can help you enjoy your career on a daily basis. What do you enjoy doing just for the sheer sake of doing it week after week?

Create a career that blurs the line between work and fun!

Do you enjoy:

Look for opportunities where your strengths, values, passions, and interests intersect with a new career! 

Before you know it, you'll be working a different job with the perks you're looking for! Now onward to our 21 career change ideas for hairdressers.

Men getting their hair cut at the hair dresser
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Career Change Ideas for Hairdressers

Now that you've done a bit of self-exploration about what you love and value, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of our 21 career change ideas for hairdressers.

1- Hair Beauty School Instructor

Salary Range: $11,456 to $305,333

Median Annual Salary: $54,889

If you love the hairdresser industry and find yourself always giving tips to clients about how to style their hair, you might enjoy teaching future hairdressers the trade. Hair care and styling are popular in cosmetology schools, and you've got the goods!

If you're unsure if teaching is for you, you could take a class such as "Instructional Design for Educators" to get a feel for designing classroom lessons.

Or take an advanced cosmetology class at a school you'd like to teach at and get to know the teachers and staff. Do some informational interviews with the other teachers and find out everything you need to know about teaching at a cosmetology or technical school!

You may not need any extra training to step into this role! And the median salary is not too shabby!

2- Hair Care Salon Owner

Salary Range: $14,441 to $385,332

Median Annual Salary: $69,324

To own a salon, you'll need to ensure you have the business skills to get started. Check out the business, financial, and marketing courses that can help you get well on your way in no time.

According to Business News Daily, "A hair salon can be a steady, profitable business, but before you open one, you need a strong business plan and preparation. Finding a niche for your salon helps you attract a loyal client base. The most important things a salon needs to succeed are a good culture, knowledgeable employees and an understanding of what its services are worth."

As a hair stylist, you know more than you think about opening your own salon! And with your own salon, you can stay in the hairdressing career field while bringing in good money. Your knowledge of personal hair care products can help you decide which products to stock in your salon. And, you can grow your business side skills too!

3- Personal Stylist

Salary Range: $10,193 to $271,999

Median Annual Salary: $48,846

A career as a personal stylist is similar to hairdressing and perfect if you are interested in helping clients create “the most suitable image by choosing clothes and accessories that fit clients’ body types and individual needs.” You “may also provide style advice and assist with hair, make-up, and even home decor.” (4)

Offering services as a stylist means you need a keen eye for up-to-date fashion, beauty, and style. Staying flexible and being willing to travel are also crucial. Your services will help clients make the best choices for their overall style, considering their career and personal life.

4- Nail Technician

Salary Range: $16,806 to $63,111

Median Annual Salary: $29,915

Nail technicians create designs and apply new nails for clients. To prepare, you can take a course at a local cosmetology program or vocational school. This job takes a steady hand and attention to detail.

Becoming a nail tech is not much of a leap when it comes to a career change for you. Any classes you take will likely feel effortless. Chatting with customers and spending hours at work stations all day is also familiar for you!

[nail beauty photo]

5- Tattoo Artist

Salary Range: $10,060 to $157,109

Median Annual Salary: $28,970

Tattoo artists use a variety of needles and inks to create art on people's skin. You'll need to get licensed as a tattoo artist to practice. The requirements vary by state but generally, you'll need to complete an apprenticeship under another tattoo artist and pass an exam.

This career is perfect if you're looking for something that will let you express your artistic, creative side while still working with people! Often tattoo artists create their own designs based on ideas individuals bring to you.

6- Makeup Artist

Salary Range: $33,600 to $50,400

Median Annual Salary: $42,000

Makeup artists use their creativity and technical skills to enhance someone’s features. You might work in the film or theater industry, at a cosmetics counter, or for a fashion designer's runway shows. Makeup artists can also start their own businesses designing makeup for weddings or other events.

If you have an eye for detail and trends, as well as experience working with different types of beauty products and formulations, you're well on your way

7- Funeral Home Hair and Makeup Stylist

Salary Range: $17,620 to $47,410

Median Annual Salary: $23,660

As a funeral home hairdresser and makeup stylist, you style the hair, makeup, and wardrobe of the deceased before cremation or burial. These services are pretty similar to hairdressing and include washing and styling hair, applying makeup, and even selecting clothes for the deceased to wear for burial or cremation. 

You work with families who lost a loved one, using a recent picture to help with the styling of the deceased. Your creativity and flair give the deceased's loved ones some peace of mind.

8- Beauty Therapist

Salary Range: $10,020 to $157,192

Median Annual Wage: $28,827

As a beauty therapist, you work in various settings, including salons, spas, and resorts, providing treatments to help people relax and feel better. This work might include massages, facials, manicures/pedicures, and hair removal treatments.

You may need a couple of courses on cosmetology or beauty therapy. Still, this career could work well for you if you're interested in helping people relax and feel good about themselves.

9- Wig Maker

Salary Range: $18,780 to $53,234

Median Annual Salary: $38,858

Wig makers create hairpieces for people who have lost hair due to medical conditions, such as cancer, or those who want to change their appearance. As a wig maker, you would meet with individuals to discuss their needs and create a custom wig.

You likely already have many skills needed for this career option because of your experience with different hair types and chemical formulations. However, you may want to take some courses on cosmetology or wig-making if you feel like you need more knowledge in these areas.

10- Hair Extension Specialist

Salary Range: $22,760 to $66,032

Median Annual Salary: $41,608

Hair extension specialists add length or fullness to clients' hair using various methods, including braiding, bonding, and weaving. As a hair extension specialist, you meet with clients to discuss their needs and apply extensions to their hair.

Hairdressers can easily transition into this career since the skills are not entirely different from those you use as a hair stylist.

11- Beauty Blogger Influencer

Salary Range: $11,463 to $308,789

Median Annual Salary: $55,449

If you own the latest equipment and products from your hair stylist position, you already have some of what you need! Your industry skill set can easily take you into this job! 

Beauty bloggers create content about beauty-related things, including hair, makeup, skincare, and fashion. As a beauty blogger, you write articles, take photos/videos, and interact with your audience on social media.

You make your own schedule and do hair and makeup when starting a new blog about hair products or makeup. Blogging is a good career if you need flexibility and are willing to grow your audience with social posts and interaction online.

If being a hair stylist didn't let you fully explore trendy styles or exciting colors anymore, this career would allow you to thoroughly vet ALL the latest trends, products, and styles for hair! And, if you're tired of hairdressing workstations and need a viable option that gives you more freedom, you could transit seamlessly to beauty blogging.

Focused black blogger applying makeup and recording video
Photo by George Milton

12- Marketing Assistant

Salary Range: $10,392 to $187,200

Median Annual Salary: $34,002

Marketing assistants work in the marketing department of a company and provide support to the marketing team. As a marketing assistant, you would be responsible for tasks such as conducting market research, writing reports, creating presentations, and assisting with promotional activities such as social posts, emails, newsletters, and more.

Finding a position with a cosmetology-based employer would allow you to use many of the skills you already possess. Consider this online course to get up to speed before applying: "Digital Marketing Combustion Day - Social Media Marketing" to learn skills working with digital data to deliver insights, inform targeting, and segmentation.

With a changing career comes different stresses, but your previous experience with style and trends gives you an edge in marketing positions!

13- Software Developer

Salary Range: $19,089 to $750,000

Median Annual Salary: $81,038

Software developers create the applications that we use on our computers and phones. You design, develop, test, and deploy new software.

This career option is perfect for those interested in using technical skills to create new products. Though it may seem like a career change requiring going back to school for many years, many software developers are self-taught or have only completed a coding boot camp.

If you're interested in this business as a career option but don't feel like you're ready to make the switch yet, consider a boot camp-style course such as Front End Web Development Bootcamp.

Many developers work from home, so ensure you possess time management skills before jumping into a career with less structure.

14- Event Planner

Salary Range: $11,463 to $308,789

If you love the idea of planning a wedding or gala event, this position could use all of your best skills from hairdressing. Event planners coordinate all aspects of an event, from venue to catering to entertainment.

As an event planner, you find venues, book vendors, and manage the budget. Your customer service skills would help others to trust you with their events, and your artistic side would help you make events look top-shelf!

In addition, if you feel excited about the events you plan, this childlike quality can endear you to others and bring in more sales!

15- Recruiter

Salary Range: $19,089 to $750,000

Median Annual Salary: $81,038

Recruiters find, screen, and interview candidates for open positions within a company. As a recruiter, you post job openings, source candidates, conduct interviews, and extend job offers.

This career is perfect if you're interested in using your people skills to help others find their dream job. Your customer service skills could come in handy for this career change!

[recruiter photo]

16- Public Relations Specialist

Salary Range: $19,089 to $750,000

Median Annual Salary: $81,038

Public relations specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for their employers. As a public relations specialist, you write press releases, organize media events, and pitch stories to the media.

If you want to use your people skills and creativity to promote a company, product, or celebrity, a public relations career could be your best option! If you're interested in this career but don't feel like you have enough experience, consider taking some courses in public relations or marketing.

17- Social Media Specialist

Salary Range: $19,089 to $750,000

Median Annual Salary: $81,038

Social media specialists create and manage social media accounts for their employers. As a social media specialist, you create content, schedule posts, engage with followers, and run social media ads.

If you're interested in this career but don't feel like you have enough experience, consider taking the online course "Social Media Marketing" or a course in content creation.

Download Checklist " 10 Simple Steps to Smooth Job Change"

18- Sales Representatives

Salary Range: $19,089 to $750,000

Median Annual Salary: $81,038

Sales representatives at hair or beauty product companies find new customers and conduct product demonstrations. Sales require the gift of gab, so generating leads and closing sales might be easy for you. 

Staying in the beauty industry lets you act as an expert. However, many sales jobs are open to those transferring from another field!

If you make your own beauty or hair products, you could also learn how to sell your creations online with this course: "Etsy for Makers."

19- Writer

Salary Range: $12,881 to $345,665

Median Annual Salary: $62,117

As a writer, you create content for books, magazines, websites, and other publications. You can also research topics, develop ideas, and write articles or books.

Writing allows you to use creative skills to inform or entertain others. If you're interested in this career but don't feel like you have enough experience, consider taking some courses in creative writing or journalism, such as:

Or check out our blog, "What is the Goal of Technical Writing?"

20- Certified IT Professional

Salary Range: $16,830 to $187,200

Median Annual Salary: $58,797

Become a Certified IT Professional with training courses that take less than a year to complete. Consider a techy career if you love computers and know how to solve problems others don't understand.

If you need some training, consider this IT Professional Course that trains students for entry-level employment in IT support, help desk, desktop support, and general IT maintenance positions. The focus is on broad IT knowledge, technical customer support, troubleshooting, analysis, and problem-solving.

With this one class, you can earn IT Industry Certifications as:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • LPI Linux Essentials
  • CompTIA Security+

Within a year, you could change career fields entirely and learn the skills to get that job as an IT professional!

21- Illustrator (or Graphic Design)

Salary Range: $30,000 to $165,000

Median Annual Salary: $72,000

As an illustrator, you create images for books, magazines, websites, and other publications. You develop ideas and create illustrations that are both aesthetically pleasing and convey a message. 

You can also consider graphic design careers as an illustrator using software that lets you draw your images and watch them appear on your computer screen.

To develop your skills, consider taking some graphic design or illustration courses, such as "Design Thinking" and be well on your way to a fulfilling new job!

Take the Next Step

At Unmudl, we connect learners with the courses, certificates, and licensing they need to transition in their careers.

We hope our career change ideas for hairdressers gave you the ideas you need to transition from hairdresser to your dream job!

Whether you choose a career in sales, business, working from home, or all of the above, reach for the sky and achieve your goals with just a bit of time management to focus on your next move. We're rooting for you!

Get support and discover new opportunities with our Unmudl online resources. 

Call us at +1 512-669-5624. Reply to this email or email us at if you need help deciding where to go next!

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