Develop a Technician Talent Pipeline Faster

Unmudl can help you with technician talent sourcing and development. Our platform accelerates the process of finding and training skilled technicians, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.
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Develop a Technician Talent Pipeline Faster

Unmudl can help you with technician talent sourcing and development. Our platform accelerates the process of finding and training skilled technicians, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Industries We Serve

Are you struggling to find skilled technician talent?

Many companies across industries face a significant challenge: the need for more skilled technicians. The ability to remain competitive on a global scale depends upon a reliable, diverse pool of skilled technician talent. A talent gap slows down operations and impacts service quality. The demand for qualified technicians can increase pressure on your existing staff and lead to higher turnover rates.

Overcome your hiring hurdle by leveraging our specialized Skills-to-Jobs® Marketplace digital platform, explicitly designed for sourcing and hiring skilled technician talent. Schedule a demo and see how Unmudl streamlines the process for your recruiters to find the right technician talent with the required skills and experience to grow your business.

Our Services

Our clients are large-scale (Fortune 500) employers, industry associations, government agencies, workforce/talent development coalitions, and membership organizations seeking to address skills and talent gaps through short-term, self-paced and hands-on credentialed training with local community colleges.

The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions team helps employers:

Identify unmet skills gaps to be addressed by short-term community college courses
Manage the relationship between employer/industry partners and Unmudl’s Community and Technical College Network to build cost-effective training solutions
Design credentialed curricula that draws from the vast resource base of our college partners
Deploy custom courses through the Unmudl marketplace using place-based, hybrid, and online modalities
Market courses to working learners
Build on the base of initial custom “Originals” courses to ensure training is aligned and integrated with:
  • Industry certifications
  • Academic pathways and credentials, within and among Unmudl partner colleges
  • Employer pipeline development, talent acquisition, DE&I, L&D, and employee tuition benefits
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Unmudl Skills-to-Jobs® Network

Do You Want To Connect With a Network of Community and Technical College Partners?

We have developed an exclusive event that brings employers together with community college partners around the country to discuss the top issues companies face with upskilling and sourcing qualified candidates and much more.

Become part of this elite network of partners.
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Our solutions are crafted to address the unique needs of employers. 

The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions approach:
Establish and facilitate a team-based approach consisting of employer subject matter experts (SMEs) & trainers, Unmudl instructional designers, and college SMEs
Develop a deep understanding of employer and industry needs, including training requirements, expectations of the final course product, and criteria for success
Work hand-in-hand with Unmudl partners to implement innovations that have immediate impact
Provide marketing, technical development, and implementation support
Role-Specific Skillware:
  • Customized Skills-to-Jobs® Skillware: Develop a deep understanding of employer and industry needs, including training requirements, expectations of the final course product, and criteria for success tied to job performance outcomes.
  • Hands-On Labs: Practical, hands-on training to complement online learning skillware, ensuring hands-on comprehensive skill development.
  • Certifications: Training aligned with relevant certifications such as SACA Silver or Gold (Smart Automation Certification Alliance) to validate skills and knowledge.
  • Credit Hours: All courses will be aligned to credit hours redeemable by an employee towards a college credential, including degree.
Strategic Alignment:
  • Local College Partnerships: Collaboration with colleges to support your sites.
  • Align Talent Demand with Supply: Plan ahead and begin building skilled talent pools in locations where future demand is forecasted.
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Why Us?

Unmudl is the solution for bringing together employers and community colleges to create equitable and sustainable solutions for working learners. The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions team is dedicated to making it easier for employers to find, train, and hire skilled workers at scale.

Our Skills-to-Jobs® Approach and How It Works

We begin by understanding your unique needs and challenges with technician roles, conducting a thorough assessment to identify areas for improvement and growth.
Our team of experts collaborates with you to design customized “Originals” skillware and curricula that address your specific skills requirements.
We implement the Skills-to-Jobs® solution seamlessly through Unmudl’s digital platform and your network of community and technical colleges, providing ongoing support to ensure working learner success.
We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your “Originals” skillware, making adjustments as needed to ensure optimal outcomes and sustained growth.

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Social Proof

Testimonials from Employer Spotlights

Headshot of Amanda Willard
Amanda Willard
Strategic Workforce Development at Amazon
The partnership we established with Unmudl is one of the many initiatives that we are deploying to support staffing our current and our future needs within the RME. The specific outcomes we are looking to achieve include providing an avenue to prepare candidates to meet our role requirements, diversifying our candidate pipelines, and ensuring our candidates can perform the functions of the role versus taking a knowledge-based test that does not demonstrate practical ability. And that is where there’s value in the partnership that we’ve established with Unmudl.

Testimonials from Learner Spotlights

Adam G.
This course is easily the easiest and most cost-efficient way to get into a technical role. My only tip is to make sure you want it.
Christopher C.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their skills and knowledge in the mechatronics field. This course makes it easy to understand all the information needed in order to be a maintenance technician. Not only do you learn the proper ways of fixing problems, but you also understand the reason behind the problems and how to prevent them. I was amazed at how detailed the course is with real-world applications, so recommending this course is a no-brainer.
Alexander D.
This Course is a great introduction to learning basic pneumatics and electric operation. I love the flexibility of being able to complete the course on my own time and at my own pace. The Unmudl support team responds quickly and are very helpful whenever you have any questions.



  • Skills-to-Jobs® Marketplace:
    Unmudl provides a digital platform to host content, manage community and technical college partnerships, track learner activity, post job openings, and source skilled talent.
  • Community and Technical College Network (CTCN):Coordination of learning, marketing and recruiting events with community colleges located near your preferred sites to facilitate hands-on training and local enrollment.
  • Content Development and Management:Skillware designed by your subject matter experts and ours, developed by Unmudl resources with scheduled updates managed by Unmudl. Localization available upon request.

Hands-On Training

  • On-Site Training:Hands-on labs hosted at member community colleges, delivered by qualified instructors.
  • Lab Scheduling and Enrollment:Unmudl will manage scheduling and enrollments for hands-on training sessions, ensuring alignment with your operational needs.

Learner Success Services

  • Learner Support:Unmudl provides knowledgeable talent coaches to assist learners with course enrollment, inquiries about tuition payment, questions concerning courseware, achieving course completion, and Skills-to-Jobs® Guides to assist with readiness when applying for a job.

Frequently Asked Questions

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6. What are the projected outcomes of implementing Unmudl's role-specific Skills-to-Jobs® solution for employers?

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