Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Unmudl?

What are the benefits of Unmudl to me?

Stay close to home and fit your learning in with your job. Most of our courses offer a path to a new or better job and credit ranging from college credit to continuing education credit that can apply to a degree if you later decide to get one.


Can I buy a course for someone else?

You can support someone's educational journey by gifting courses from the Unmudl network of community colleges through the following steps: 

  • Locate the specific course by searching name, topic, or college.
  • Select "Gift this course" at checkout.
  • Provide recipient's details (Unmudl account required for the sender).
  • Complete your payment information for full cost of course.
  • "Send" your gift.
  • Payment will be processed when the recipient accepts the gift.
  • Get ready for a big THANK YOU!

What are the admissions requirements and fees?

No testing, no entrance exams, and no application fees. Simply sign up for an Unmudl account and choose your favorite community college course based on your area of interest. Click here to create your account.

Can I enroll in more than one community college at a time?

Yes, Unmudl allows you to enroll in multiple colleges/courses at a time.Simply search for a course in Unmudl's coast-to-coast network of leading community colleges. You can pick the classes that best fit your schedule and you can earn credits and certifications while being a part of the diverse, job-ready talent that employers are looking for! Read our Dual Enrollment Blog post here.

Can I use my military benefits?

The Unmudl team helps current and former military service members—and their families—click here to identify courses that qualify for VA and military benefits.

What if the Community college is not offering the course I’m interested in taking?

You can go to and search for your class. If it is not offered simply click on the “request a course” button and fill out the form. We will reach out to the College and keep you informed of when the course is available. 


What kind of jobs have other community college graduates gotten?

Will a company guarantee me a job after I take a course?

No, a company will not guarantee you a job. Some companies may guarantee you an interview based on how well you do. See our Employer Hiring webpage here.

I’m from another country. Can I take courses from Unmudl?

Unmudl is international! So yes, you can register for any online course immediately.  For on-campus, in-person courses we can put you in touch with the college's international department to inquire regarding a visa to come over for a semester or more.  The two colleges with international departments are SUNY Broome in New York, and Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  So don't wait: (i) enroll online, (ii) take a couple of courses, and (iii) then you can work with the college's international department to arrange a visit which will require a visa.  We can help with these connections once you enroll in an online course via Unmudl!

Is Financial Aid available?

  1.  Financial aid is available for many courses, and many employers will contribute toward the cost of courses. Colleges also offer courses for every budget, including many that cost less than $50