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Comparing enrolling in community college to Unmudl
Unmudl aims to please with EASE.
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I visited the website of my local community college and it took 22 clicks, 1 page refresh, and a consult with my mother to find information I needed to create an account all BEFORE I could even TRY and enroll in a course.


That was exhausting and unnecessarily difficult for someone trying to take the plunge and further my education.


Unmudl doesn’t want to waste your time with pointless clicking and complicated terms. So, enrolling on Unmudl is just ONE click (and one more to verify your purchase). Simply find the course that meets your interests, and enroll! Just. Like. That.  


So why all the hassle? Why does it take a college degree to be able to enroll in a college course online?


Unmudl is here to ease the process and make enrolling in college courses as simple as making an online purchase.


Have feedback for our site? Contact us and let us know! We want to make the user experience as easy as possible and would love to hear from you.


In the meantime, compare your local community college enrollment clicks and see if you can beat Unmudl’s ease. 

Enroll Now in the Unmudl Amazon Original CoursesEnroll Now in the Unmudl Amazon Original Courses

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