How to Succeed in Back End Software Development

Unmudl has your back!
Three courses you should know

Are you dreaming of being a Back End Software Developer? Unmudl has your back!

Let’s start with a little vocab lesson. A Back End Software Developer is responsible for processing requests from the Front End of a site, reading and writing to a database, and responding to those requests. 


To become the Back End Software Developer you’ve always dreamed of being, Unmudl has three course recommendations for you. 

  1. Introduction to Java from GateWay Community College
  2. Relational Databases with MySQL from GateWay Community College
  3. Web API Design with Spring Boot from GateWay Community College

Now, you can either sign up for all three and fully immerse yourself in the world of Back End software development, or you can sign up for just one or two courses to dip your toe in.


The choice is up to you. Those who have taken full advantage of the course package have been hired by Nationwide Insurance, Choice Hotels International, MeUndies, QuEST Global, Webster University, Ethos, Idaho National Laboratory, Ludic Agency, Ergatta, ON Semiconductor, and SoftPoint.



With Unmudl, you could be the next hire.

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