6 Best Podcast for Changing Careers

Have you ever wished you had a career mentor who was always there to provide guidance, support, and advice? Nowadays, you can really access a variety of mentors whenever you need them by simply listening to one of the best career podcasts 2022 that are currently accessible.

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Have you ever wished you had a career mentor who was always there to provide guidance, support, and advice? Nowadays, you can really access a variety of mentors whenever you need them by simply listening to one of the best career podcasts 2022 that are currently accessible.

Today's podcasts cover a wide range of subjects and may be accessible on numerous platforms. Here is a selection of the best podcasts to listen to if you are planning on changing your career.

Are you looking for motivation to objectively see if you need a career change to advance your career?  There is a tonne of information available that is readily available on the subject. Ideally, you would have the time to read books and attend seminars but if you don’t, why not give a podcast a try?

The fantastic thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime, anywhere, and multiple times so you may take in all of their information at your own convenience and without having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a particular podcast.

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Podcasts that are concerned with developing a successful career can be timely, insightful, and inspiring resources that you can fit into small periods of consumption. These are excellent resources to have running while you do housework or go for a walk, and they are excellent for commuters.

While there are very few podcasts specifically on a career change, many of the best and most celebrated career podcasts have dedicated sections to this area and can act as your career change mentor. We've looked around and come up with a selection of podcasts to assist you in making your career development plans.

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Best podcast for changing careers

Looking to re-ignite your career by changing professions? You can advance in life, redefine success, or grow your side business by listening to these podcasts for career change. 

These podcasts will assist you in honing the pursuit of your professional objectives and dreams, no matter where you stream them—whether you tune in while driving to work or vibe from a home office.

1. Abundantly Clear by Malorie Nicole

Link to podcast: Abundantly clear

Multi-certified coach to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and high performers who want to create expansion in their world and live their full potential. Host of Forbes #1 rated show.

Key Focus: Subconscious reprogramming, mindset development, and entrepreneurial & executive career coaching. Incidentally, if you are interested in entrepreneurship, give this article on 10 essential career change tips to becoming an entrepreneur a read.

Malorie assists those who wish to:

  • Create room for growth in their lives by exploring their career options
  • She also assists people by addressing the core issue in order to shatter their glass ceilings and alter the course of their progress.
  • Boost contentment
  • Become more effective team leaders
  • Increase your revenue
  • Become the best potential version of oneself

Typical topics for Interviews and workshops include:

  • Getting rid of mental obstacles to career change
  • How unconscious thoughts directly influence the way your career evolves
  • Emotional IQ and leadership development
  • Why mindset changes alone are not enough

About the author: Malorie has devoted years to learning about the science of habit, behavior, performance, and healing. 

She has been discussed extensively in the media, including multiple highly regarded podcasts, giving viewers a distinctive grasp of the power of the mind and how to develop into your most powerful self. She feels that the best businesses, business owners, and leaders are totally dedicated to their own growth and development.

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2. Happen To Your Career by Scott Anthony Barlow

Link to podcast: Happen to your career

You obviously aren't completely satisfied with your career. Additionally, you are aware that "there must be something better out there." You've come here in the hopes that you can find satisfying employment that pays well.

This podcast gives you the motivation, resources, and road maps you need to leave your current situation and find a job that matters to you and specifically plays to your abilities and talents.

Career happiness does not function as you may expect. Our coaching programs and courses have helped almost 40,000 people find their distinctive skills, quit compromising, and begin doing meaningful work that they adore!

About the author: CEO and Founder of Happen to Your Career is Scott Anthony Barlow. What Fits You? and the Happen to Your Career Podcast, two of the Top 5 "Career Change" podcasts on iTunes, are created by his team. 

He is really enthused about his jobs, coffee, and parkour (not necessarily in that order). As a former HR professional with over 2000 interviews under his belt, Scott's talent is swiftly getting to the heart of what's holding career-changers back and assisting others in discovering their own Signature Strengths! 

Visit his Figure it Out Guide to determine what a rewarding job looks like for you.

If you are interested in changing careers, here are 7 short courses that can lead to rewarding careers.

3. Pivot by Jenny Blake

Link to podcast: Pivot

Nowadays, careers have fluid paths rather than linear, predictable ladders. We are all being challenged to manage professional changes considerably more regularly than in years past, regardless of our age, life stage, financial situation, or level of seniority. 

In America, employees stay in their jobs for only four to five years on average, and even then, their roles frequently shift. Today's economy requires that we build industries and professions focused on innovation, expansion, and influence. 

Your next move is all that matters in this fast-paced workplace. This podcast is ideal for you if:

  • You have reached a ceiling in your ideal-on-paper employment.
  • You are thinking about assuming a new position in your company
  • You are finding relevant stretch projects for your current role by mapping your growth
  • You are considering launching your own company or switching to a completely different field

One thing is crystal clear: your work success depends on your capacity to identify the optimal course of action and this podcast will show you how.

About the author: “If change is the only constant, let's get better at it.”

Jenny Blake has developed a four-step process that teaches anyone how to continuously and seamlessly:

  • Boost your current abilities, passions, and experiences
  • Find fresh chances and recognize areas for improvement without succumbing to analysis comparison.
  • To identify what to do next - conduct little experiments.
  • Take calculated risks to confidently begin moving in a new direction.

4. 365 Driven by Tony Whatley

Link to podcast: 365 Driven

Relationships, wealth, health, and mindset. These are the four pillars of prosperity and happiness. 

We provide insightful ideas and introduce you to thought leaders, influencers, and subject-matter experts in each episode. Discover your true potential by learning to become 365 driven.

Profit from your interests! Encourage your ambition to decide your own fate. For a busy professional, starting a business could seem like an impossible endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. 

Your side business income may be greater than your career salary with the right planning and execution. The best part is that you won't even need to quit your work to start something with the potential for significant earnings in today's digital culture.

 For as long as you like, you can continue to rely on your profession as a safety net.

About the author: Tony Whatley is a best-selling author, business coach, speaker, and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. 

He is one of the co-founders of LS1Tech, the largest online community for automobile performance. In just 5 years, this website developed to over 300,000 registered users and 150 advertising accounts before being sold for millions. Amazingly, that was only his side hustle!

Tony teaches people how to launch, grow, and sell their businesses in his #1 best-selling book on Amazon, Side Hustle Millionaire. He also shares his attitude and business tactics in his regular podcasts.

He advises individuals and small firms on how to take advantage of his experience in systems, processes, and leadership thanks to his past work managing $100M+ multinational projects for the oil and gas industry.

5. Repurpose Your Career by Marc Miller

Link to podcast: Repurpose Your Career

Repurpose Your Career is a podcast that Career Pivot produces for people in their second half of life to discuss how to repurpose their careers for the twenty-first century. 

Come hear career experts give you tried-and-true advice, hear people just like you share their experiences about how they repurposed their careers, and finally get the answers to your questions.

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About the author: In addition to 22 years at IBM, Marc Miller's career path also includes numerous successful software businesses, a difficult term as a high school teacher, a job helping to raise money for the Jewish Community Association of Austin, and a nearly deadly bicycle accident that permanently altered his outlook.

He learned his most important lesson during thirty years of travelling through the proverbial career desert, frequently making the same errors again and over again: Most individuals are unaware of what truly makes them content and fulfils them. 

They seek out material wealth, social position, and a skill set, all of which offer some degree of gratification but do not bring about contentment. 

They eventually come to feel imprisoned and frustrated. Others know what they need, but they are unable to plan a route to get there. When Marc began offering professional advice to friends and colleagues, he finally understood he had discovered his calling. 

He would eventually employ his vast training expertise to assist others, particularly Baby Boomers, in finding occupations that they could advance into for the decades to come.

6. The Goal Standard by Lené Green

Link to podcast: The Goal Standard

Welcome to The Goal Standard, the hub of information for female entrepreneurs. 

Although we've conquered survival, we should be entitled to much more. According to research, we are the most educated, we lead our industries, and we set new trends in entrepreneurship. Why does that matter?

You can start a transition in your life, business, or career without anyone else's permission. You require guidance, resources, assistance, and connections.

The Goal Standard Podcast emphasizes the portions of the journey that are not visible on social media. Our guests discuss the obstacles, difficulties, and battles they encountered on the way to where they are now.

Join every Tuesday:

  • Discover the truth and the behind-the-scenes about careers
  • Trends and resources for the industry
  • Ask professionals for business guidance
  • Discuss how to achieve your objectives
  • Interview powerful female business owners

About the author: Lené Green, the host, is on a quest to learn what it takes by speaking with powerful women and men who have achieved success in their own manner. 

The Goal Standard Podcast emphasizes the information that isn't shared on social media. Visitors discuss the difficulties, struggles, and setbacks they encountered on the way to where they are now. Learn how Rachel Hill retired at the age of 27 after going from being in debt to starting a successful personal finance firm from Tonya Rapley, as well as the $2 million subscription business Makaela Richardson built.

There you have it, some of the best podcasts on a career change. Finally, if you happen to be in the Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati region do go through this extremely helpful career change resource we have put together for you.

Download Checklist " 10 Simple Steps to Smooth Job Change"

Final Word

Although there are many ways to develop and explore new avenues in your work life, finding the time might be challenging. Fortunately, there is a solution for professionals who wish to hear fresh perspectives: career podcasts.

If you're thinking of changing careers in 2022, we recently shared with you the finest podcasts to aid you in your decision. These priceless tools will give you the best guidance on the move for your particular stage of the job change process.

We hope that this list proves useful to your future career change and we wish you the best of luck!

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