Hiring for Mechatronics positions nationally?

Partnering with Unmudl can increase productivity, reduce time-to-hire, and lower recruitment costs, while proactively strengthening your workforce development pipeline.

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“Unmudl are fantastic partners who work in lockstep. They come to the table with expertise, a willingness to learn and listen, and help support both our employer and learner needs in a very collaborative and agile way.”

Headshot of Amanda Willard
Amanda Willard
Strategic Workforce Development

20 days less

open rate

Reduced position open rate
from 60 to 40 days.

1% decrease


By reducing time-to-hire
by 1%, Amazon was able to
recoup all costs associated
with the course.

2x faster

concept to launch

From concept to launch, the
process took nine months
with Unmudl compared to
an expected two years for
other curriculum and training

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