Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 21, 2021

1. Introduction


Welcome to Unmudl, an e-commerce marketplace for working learners located at This policy is a part of our Terms of Service. By visiting the Site or using its Services, you consent to our use of your personal information in the ways set out in this policy and Terms of Use. We take our responsibilities under applicable privacy laws and regulations("Privacy Laws") seriously. We are committed to respecting the privacy rights and concerns of all users of our Site. We have a specific commitment to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliance.
Personal Data.
We recognize the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and believe that it is our responsibility to properly manage, protect and process your personal data. This Privacy Policy(“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use, disclose, and/or process the personal data you have provided to us and/or we possess about you, whether now or in the future, as well as to assist you in making an informed decision before providing us with any of your personal data. If you have any questions regarding this information or our privacy practices, please contact us.
Registering with Unmudl
By registering for an account with us, visiting our marketplace, or accessing its Services, you acknowledge and agree that you accept the practices, requirements, and/or policies outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you hereby consent to us collecting, using, disclosing and/or processing your personal data as described herein. We may revise this Privacy Policy but the most current version will always be at this link.

2. End User Accounts: information we collect and how it is used.

Basic Personal Information When creating a user account, you are asked to provide us with a name, email address, phone number, location, and photo or another portrait image. The email address needs to be valid, to allow password retrieval, correct navigation to your profile page and bookmarks, and other content that is unique to you. The location you supply is used to filter and display listings by proximity to you and to generate anonymous usage statistics by geographic location (see section 2.3). The photo and name you provide need to be consistent with a physical ID you have, since some assessments, courses, and work opportunities will verify your identity by matching your Unmudl name and photo to the physical ID you provide when showing up for in-person courses, services, or opportunities.
The personal information listed above is passed on to our providers when you purchase something on the marketplace. For example, colleges need your personal information to register you in their student databases, give you a student ID number, track your progress in their student record-keeping systems, communicate with you about course start dates, etc.
By our policies, both Unmudl and our providers from whom you have purchased a product may also reach out to you occasionally with solicitations or notifications regarding services.
Additional Personal Information you provide to us when making a purchase:
When providers need more than the basic user information outlined in section 2.1 to deliver a product or service you requested, we will ask you, the user, for additional information during checkout to provide the information. The interface allows you to enter the requested information and (optionally) store it in your profile for later use with other providers, if needed. It is your right to not fill out this information, in which case Unmudl may not be able to complete the transaction you requested.
Additional personal information we may collect in this purchase-triggered step include, but are not limited to, gender, race, ethnicity, date of birth, alternate (e.g., maiden) names, alternate addresses, alternate phone numbers, student ID number, and sometimes Social Security number (informational items many colleges, in particular, are required to collect in order to successfully register and enroll students
Social security numbers are the main identifier used by the Department of Labor(DOL) in all its wage records. The DOL wage data, which can only be retrieved using lists of social security numbers, tells the college which of its courses/programs/ degrees result in the largest wage gains for its graduates. When colleges want to understand which of their courses are doing well preparing students, they may request social security numbers.
Credit Card information you provide on checkout.
Your credit card information is passed directly to Stripe, a PCI-compliant payment processing system, which handles the charging of your credit card and division of incoming funds to the Providers and marketplace. We do not ever see or store your credit card information.
Course completion and progress information.
Upon course completion, we will ask your permission to obtain your completion status from the college whose course you participated in, to store your “course completed” status on Unmudl. If you approve, that course will be marked completed in your profile, and skill credits from that course will be assigned to your skill profile. Storing these data on Unmudl allows you to 1) “redeem” (some) noncredit courses for credit after the fact 2) document your skills and courses taken to share later with employers and others, as you see fit.
Reviews, Ratings, and forum posts you author. You may voluntarily submit reviews, ratings, and forum posts on the Unmudl website .For these, the username and photo/portrait image you have given in your profile will be publicly displayed alongside the review, rating, and/or forum post you have given.
Page views and visits. We track the pages you visit to allow you to bookmark pages and keep track of them in your profile . Your page visits/view data are also aggregated with those of all other users to generate anonymous website usage statistics. We share these statistics with providers, so they can better understand how their products are faring (e.g., which products are most popular). We combine site visit information with location to tell providers the rough geographic area (typically, city, state) where their users tend to be located.
Third-party applications: When you register a naccount in Unmudl using external third-party applications or services, such as Facebook, using an application programming interface (API), you permit us to receive this information. You may also choose to share some of your Umudl activity to certain social media networks which are connected to your account.
Email Communications. Some messages from Unmudl are service-related and required for users. Examples of service-related messages include an email address confirmation/welcome email when you register your account and correspondence with the site. You may not opt-out of receiving service-related messages unless you close your account. Rarely, we may use your email address to notify you of site-related issues that affect you. We will also communicate with you by email if you initiate communication with us.
Selling your information: Within your profile page, you may have category-specific privacy settings that will allow Unmudl to "openly share” with a marketplace provider. (e.g., with all colleges, all employers, all financial assistance providers) gives us permission to not only share that data with any single requestor in that category but also market your data to anyone in that category and charge the data recipient for receiving your information. Example: Because you are looking for a job, you set your profile page to “openly share” your contact information and your Unmudl“ results” (courses taken, tests passed) with potential employers. Unmudl is now permitted to not only give but to sell, the information you’ve set to “openly share” with employers. That permission to Unmudl terminates when you change your settings; however, any employer who has already received your data, will still have it after you changed your settings.
Legal Uses: We will release your personal information without your permission to a third party in the following circumstances: to protect, establish, or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims or we that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, such as investigations into illegal activities.
Other than as specified in this privacy policy, we will not release your name, email address or other personal information to third parties without your consent.

3. Seller Accounts: information we collect and how it is used.

Organization’s Identifying Information. When you become a provider, we collect the same basic information we collect from users (see privacy policy regarding User Accounts, above). However, for providers, we also publicly share the information about your company to users of Unmudl, by posting it on the website pages associated with you and/or your products. We do so for users to learn more about your organization and reach out to you for more information if interested. This publicly shared information includes your organization’s: name, profile image, email, website URL, street address, description, and phone number.
Listing information: All information you enter for a product listing is publicly displayed for users to see.
Page Views and Visits: We track user visits and views to pages related to you and your products in order to generate usage statistics by provider, by item, and sitewide.
Email and Phone communication to you: Some messages from Unmudl are service-related and required for users. Examples of service-related messages include an email address confirmation/welcome email when you register your account and correspondence with the site. You may not-optout of receiving service-related messages from us unless you close your account. Rarely, we will contact individual providers, using either their email address or phone number, to request or renew information about their site pages or items, or to ensure compliance with our rules and applicable law. We will also communicate with you by email or phone if you initiate communication with us.
Third party applications: When you connect to us or register an account using external third-party applications or services, such as Facebook, using an application programming interface (API), you will be granting us permission to receive information from these third-party applications. You can also choose to share some of your activity to certain social media networks which are connected to your account.
Legal Uses: We may release your personal information to a third party in the following circumstances: to protect, establish, or exercise our legal rights or defend against legalclaims or we that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, such as investigations into illegal activities.

4. Providers Responsibility for User Data Privacy and Security

Providers are responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of user data along their entire supply chain. Unmudl reserves the right to suspend the accounts and/or take legal action against providers who do not keep user data private and secure, or who do not abide by the provisions below.
Providers in possession of a user's persona ldata obtained through Unmudl agrees that they will (a) comply with all applicable personal data protection laws, (b) allow User (owner of persona \l data) the right to remove their collected data from User (receiver of personal data) from the database upon request, unless such removal is prohibited by law..
Providers may not publicly post or distribute users’ Unmudl photos, email addresses, phone numbers, or other user data without users’ explicit written permission.
Providers may not ever sell or resell user contact information obtained via Unmudl.
The following rules govern Providers use of Unmudl user data for advertising and solicitation
Beginning November 1, 2020 You must state, on your organization’s profile page on Unmudl, what your policy and practices are, with respect to sending unsolicited notifications and messages to Unmudl users. For colleges, this will likely be the same marketing policies and practices you use for your own students.
In the case of end-users who have given access permissions to specific data elements in their profile to everyone in a providers class (e.g., access to “all colleges” or “all employers”), you may disseminate those data elements within your organization, but not outside of it. You may also contact those users directly by the user’s preferred mode of contact.
For all other Unmudl users, you may not utilize their user information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorized transactions.

5. Community

We are both a commercial marketplace and a community site. We offer several features that allow users to communicate in public such as reviews and forum posts, or private means such as contacting the provider. Please use common sense and good judgment when posting or sharing your personal information with others. Be aware that any personal information you submit there can be read, collected, or used by others, or could be used to send you unsolicited messages. You are responsible for the personal information you choose to post.

6. Security

The security of your personal information is important to us. Your account information is protected by a password. It is important that you protect against unauthorized access to your account and information by choosing your password carefully, and keeping your password and computer secure, such as by signing out after using our services.

7. Data Retention

We will retain your information only for as long as is necessary s needed to provide you services. If you no longer want us to use your information to provide you services, you may close your account. We will then retain and use only that information necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

8. Changing Data

As a user, you can access, correct, change, and delete certain personal information associated with your account by visiting your account settings.