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Study Tip #1

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Study Tip #1

I present to you Tip #1

We’ve all heard the classic study tips forbidding cram sessions and encouraging color coded notes. While those tips might work for some, they’re not for everyone. So, I’ve thought of some tips that helped me get through my first year of college. I present to you Tip #1. It might seem somewhat counterintuitive, but hear me out, I think I’m onto something.

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Study Tip #1: 

Take breaks when you want to - Most study tip handbooks suggest to take a fifteen minute break for every hour of productive work and only after you’ve successfully quizzed yourself on the material and blah blah blah. 

For me, that tip just doesn’t work! If I’m staring at the clock wishing for my break to hurry up and come sooner, my studying is anything but productive. Instead, if I catch myself getting distracted or losing focus, I take a break! 

Productive studying in short bursts is better than unproductive studying in longer, often less manageable sessions. But keep in mind - this is what works for me. The main takeaway is that your studying routine is up to you! You know yourself and your study habits; so don’t worry what the How To Study textbook says. If you’re slipping into unproductivity, take a break. If you’re on a roll, keep studying. Simple enough!

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