In Defense of Handwritten Notes

Study Tip #3

Key Takeaways

Study Tip #3

Nowadays, everything is online (even most of our classes, thanks Corona).

That doesn’t mean everything should be. Especially notes. I’m a firm believer in the old-fashioned handwritten note!


Experts agree with me. According to Professor Anne Mangen and neurophysiologist Jean-Luc Velay, handwritten notes are the way to go when remembering important information.

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 Here’s why: Handwritten notes engage more of your senses. The more physical activity while you learn, the more likely you are to remember that new knowledge. 


So, why doesn’t everyone take notes by hand? The answer: convenience. It is so much easier to type away at a laptop or other device than write out every word or phrase. No one wants a hand cramp while trying to digest an essential lecture.


But, what I’ve learned by taking notes by hand is that I can both retain the information better and better organize my thoughts than when note taking on a laptop. I can draw graphs quickly, sketch a cartoon to hammer home a concept, or switch colors without having to maneuver any keyboard shortcuts.


Organization and retention. That’s what you get when you spend that extra hand muscle taking notes with pen and paper.


Why not give it a try with your next Unmudl course? You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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