20 Mind-Blowing Statistics About AI in the Job Market

Are you ready to be amazed by the rapidly evolving landscape of AI jobs? In the digital age, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives, transforming industries and revolutionizing the global economy and job market. Check out our 20 statistics about AI in the job market that will astound you! And find out how to stay relevant in our ever-changing job market!

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Are you ready to be amazed by the rapidly evolving landscape of AI jobs? In the digital age, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives, transforming industries and revolutionizing the global economy and job market. Check out our 20 statistics about AI in the job market that will astound you! And find out how to stay relevant in our ever-changing job market!

AI-related careers are experiencing unprecedented growth and demand from cutting-edge technology companies to traditional sectors. This article presents 20 statistics about AI jobs that will blow you away, showcasing the immense opportunities and impact this field has on shaping our future workforce.

World Economic Forum AI Survey

According to the World Economic Forum's 2023 "Future of Jobs" survey, over 85% of organizations recognize that the increased adoption of new and frontier technologies [will drive] transformation within their field. AI penetrates traditional industries, disrupts established practices, and creates innovative solutions.

The World Economic Forum emphasizes reskilling, upskilling, and evaluating soft skills to navigate these changes successfully. As job roles evolve and new jobs emerge, reducing job loss will involve investing in education and training.

So prepare to be blown away as we explore the staggering insights that illustrate the extraordinary potential of AI in shaping the job landscape!

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1- AI Control Systems Manager

Average Salary: $120,000 - $160,000 per year

Statistic: "A Deloitte study recently found that over 50% of organizations are planning on incorporating the use of AI and automation technologies in 2023." (1)

Companies implementing AI and automation are increasing exponentially! Control Systems Managers will oversee the development and implementation of these AI-driven automation and control systems.

While entire jobs in manufacturing may fade away during AI-based economic growth, managers will be instrumental. Their leadership will guide the teams of engineers that design and maintain advanced robotics and mechatronic systems.

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2- Mechatronics Maintenance Technician

Average Salary: $62,000 - $98,000 per year

Statistic: "Economists analyzed long-term trends around the uptake of automation in the workplace, noting that the number of robots in use worldwide increased threefold over the past two decades to 2.25 million." (2)

A Mechatronics Maintenance Technician is a skilled professional responsible for the upkeep, repair, and optimization of complex mechatronic systems used in manufacturing and industrial settings.

Combining mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering expertise, they play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of automated machinery and robotic systems.

These manufacturing jobs focused on AI technology contribute to increased productivity and operational excellence in diverse industries. While artificial intelligence strides may make many manufacturing jobs obsolete, mechatronics will likely grow since it focuses on working with AI-powered machines.

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3- AI Data Engineers

Average Salary: $100,000 - $130,000 per year

Statistic: "Data engineers are new and rare. Just 18% of companies have a data team, and less than 6% of companies have a data engineer or team." (Data Engineer Hiring Report from LinkedIn)

AI Data Engineers specialize in designing, building, and maintaining the data infrastructure to support AI applications. They work with big data technologies, pipelines, and cloud platforms to ensure data availability and accuracy.

Consider learning data engineering to get ahead of the artificial intelligence tech curve. "Today... 6,500 people on LinkedIn call themselves data engineers. In San Francisco alone, there are 6,600 job listings for this same title. The number of data engineers has doubled in the past year, but engineering leaders still face a significant shortage of data engineering talent." (3)

4- AI Development: Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: $110,000 - $150,000 per year

Statistic: "The global machine learning market should expand at a 38.76% growth rate between 2020 and 2030." (4)

AI developers are in high demand! According to McKinsey research, "the AI space is evolving quickly with a greater specialization in roles. One example is the machine learning engineer who designs, builds, and productionizes predictive models and AI systems for automation, performance, and scalability." (5)

Machine Learning Engineers develop and deploy machine learning models and algorithms for various applications, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and recommendation systems. They also optimize and fine-tune models to achieve optimal performance.

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5- AI Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: $80,000 - $110,000 per year

Statistic: "In 2023, we are continuing to see this growth in AI-generated content and AI-assisted automation that is allowing marketers to leverage AI for SEO content success... AI can improve content workflow efficiency and SEO accuracy by streamlining keyword research, SEO at scale, along with content creation and optimization." (6)

In the world of SEO, the algorithms, data, and results are changing instantly. AI-generated content influences marketing strategies, with businesses utilizing generative models to create content indistinguishable from human workers.

AI Marketing Specialists leverage AI algorithms and data analytics to optimize marketing campaigns, target audiences, and personalize customer experiences. They apply AI-driven insights to make a very significant increase in marketing ROI.

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6- Real Estate Professional Using AI

Average Salary: $86,000 - $107,000

Statistic: “Zillow... uses a single neural network model to correlate home facts, location, housing market trends, and home values with property data submitted by property owners, real estate experts, or public sources. The Zestimate for on-market properties has a nationwide median error rate of 1.9%..."

Technological change can help realtors with almost everything they do! Language models that use AI can easily analyze full contracts and mortgage liens. Artificial intelligence can identify mistakes, summarize clauses that suit your reading level, and even suggest rewording clauses to benefit your client. (7)

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7- Creative Image Generation as a Multimedia Artist

Average Salary:$39,000 - $64,000

Statistic: "Over 50% of people can still recognize when art is AI-generated." (8)

While many can still tell AI-generated art from genuine art, many artists fear their jobs will become obsolete. This is especially true for Japanese artists who fear AI will impact their livelihood. This fear may be well-grounded, with a recent Netflix backlash caused by using AI art in an Anime short. (9)

One job that embraces the new technology is a Multimedia Artist. This position develops IMI and 3D models for digital LCOs, serious games, simulations, videos, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).

While generated art may become crucial to art job futures, the way to stay ahead of the curve is through learning more about how to use new technologies to create content tailored to what a particular company needs. Continue to upskill and look at the future of work to ride the latest technology wave.

8- AI Product Manager

Average Salary: $120,000 - $150,000 per year

Statistic: "Recommendations account for 80% of the movies watched on Netflix." (10)

Using deep learning systems to further enhance its recommendations, the streaming giant [Netflix] gets to know its users on a very personal level and constantly updates itself. (Cult of Mac, ResearchGate) (11)

AI Product Managers use artificial intelligence to lead the development of products and services. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to define product requirements, oversee development, and ensure successful product launches.

9- AI Content Writer

Average Salary: $39,000 - $64,000

Statistic: "According to Russell Research, people use generative text bots for personal use because of curiosity. However, professional users often use chatbots to write something."

Language models demonstrate remarkable abilities in generating coherent and contextually relevant text. However, writing content will always require someone moving the knobs and dials behind the curtain to create content. While chatbots can write a fully automated blog, they can only do what's asked of them

If you have average writing skills, staying competitive as a writer means learning to use artificial intelligence in the areas you fall short. And you can also level up in the writing field by earning a technical writing certificate with one of these courses from Unmudl:

10- Healthcare Solutions Manager

Average Salary: $82,000 - $146,000

Statistic: "A machine learning algorithm can detect epilepsy in children with 73% accuracy." (ScienceDirect)

"This [73%] rate is comparable to similar tests human doctors perform on adults. Yet, it is more impressive as children’s brains rapidly develop while adult brains are relatively stable. Doctors consider this a breakthrough and hope for its quick incorporation into clinical use." (12)

Because of innovations, there is more need than ever for managers who understand the big picture and can handle risk adjustment and revenue cycle management in addition to the new diagnostic software modalities.

Those who can understand and articulate technical solutions to healthcare problems to leadership, clients, data scientists, and stakeholders will always be in high demand! Try this course to become a better project manager and get your project management certification too!

11- AI Gaming Developer

Average Salary: $80,000 - $110,000 per year

Statistic: "In 2022, 39% of businesses reported hiring software engineers... for AI-related positions, according to a McKinsey report." (13)

Generative AI is significantly impacting the gaming industry, enabling procedurally generated content, dynamic storytelling, and AI-powered NPCs that can respond intelligently to players' actions.

AI Gaming Developers design and implement AI algorithms for video game characters, enhancing the gaming experience.

Learning how to program using backend coding can help you land programming positions in the future. Strong programming skills, particularly in languages like C++ and Python, and a deep understanding of AI algorithms and techniques are essential for this role. (13)

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12- AI Ethicist

Average Salary: $80,000 - $110,000 per year

Statistic: "Human evaluators can only tell AI authors apart half the time." (The Conversation)

The rapid advancement of generative AI raises ethical concerns, such as the potential for deepfakes and misinformation. Researchers and policymakers actively explore ways to mitigate these risks and promote responsible AI usage.

AI Ethicists address the ethical implications of AI technologies and guide organizations in adopting responsible AI practices. They assess potential biases, privacy concerns, and societal impacts of AI applications.

13- Business System Administrator

Average Salary: $54,000 - $84,000 per year

Statistic: "A machine learning model can predict under-performing companies with 62% accuracy." (Microsoft)

A Business System Administrator is a skilled professional responsible for managing and maintaining the technology infrastructure within an organization to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

They oversee various business systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and other software applications critical to the organization's daily functions. AI-powered tools and algorithms can assist in automating routine administrative tasks, optimizing system performance, and proactively identifying potential issues before they escalate.

By harnessing AI technologies, Business System Administrators can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their responsibilities. Learn how to contribute to your organization's overall success with these innovative courses from Unmudl:

14- Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Average Salary: $100,000 - $140,000 per year

Statistic: "More than 1,400 driverless vehicles are currently in testing. More than 80 companies are currently testing autonomous vehicles. The current global autonomous market is larger than $6 billion. However, it is expected to grow to over $60 billion by 2030." (14)

Autonomous Vehicle Engineers design, develop, and test the software and hardware systems that enable self-driving vehicles. They work on perception, control, and navigation algorithms for safe and efficient autonomous driving. Courses to help you gain a foothold in this industry include:

15- AI-Based Medical Imaging Specialist

Average Salary: $90,000 - $120,000 per year

Statistic: "Deep learning statistics show 94.4% accuracy in detecting lung cancer." (Health IT Analytics)

These professionals use AI algorithms to analyze medical images, aiding in early diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient care. With models like VQ-VAE-2 generating high-resolution images from low-resolution inputs, it's possible to enhance medical diagnosis and improve patient care.

16- AI Customer Experience Analyst

Average Salary: $80,000 - $100,000 per year

Statistic: "Sitecore's 2022 Brand Authenticity Report showed that 82% of US customers would be more loyal to a brand with customer support agents who have the autonomy to ditch the script and effectively solve customer issues." (15)

AI Customer Experience Analysts leverage AI tools and data analytics to understand customer behavior, preferences, and feedback. They use insights to improve customer experiences and optimize business strategies.

"As customer service teams adapt to the changes brought about by automation, new AI-focused roles will emerge. These positions will require individuals with expertise in managing virtual assistants, refining conversational algorithms, and ensuring seamless customer interactions with AI systems." (16)

17- Industrial IoT (IIoT) Specialist

Average Salary: $90,000 - $120,000 per year

Statistic: "According to Cisco, 500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the internet by 2030."

IIoT Specialists apply AI and IoT technologies to optimize industrial processes and monitor equipment performance. They focus on predictive maintenance and real-time data analytics for enhanced operational efficiency. Consider this exciting course to step into this lucrative career!

18- AI Cybersecurity Analyst

Average Salary: $100,000 - $130,000 per year

Statistic: "86.2% of surveyed organizations were affected by a successful cyberattack" (CyberEdge Group 2021 Cyberthreat Defense Report)

AI Cybersecurity Analysts utilize AI and machine learning to detect and prevent cyber threats. They develop algorithms to identify anomalies and secure systems against cyberattacks. Learn how to defend a company from cyberattacks with these online courses!

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19- AI Supply Chain Manager

Average Salary: $100,000 - $140,000 per year

Statistic: "Early adopters of AI in supply chain management saw a decrease in logistics costs of 15%, an increase in inventory levels of 35%, and a boost in service levels of 65%. This automation and optimization could be the difference between a business thriving or floundering when supply issues arise." (17)

AI Supply Chain Managers employ AI technologies to optimize supply chain operations, forecast demand, and improve inventory management. They aim to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

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20- AI UX/UI Designer

Average Salary: $77,000 - $110,000

Statistic: "A recent survey by Adobe found that 62% of UX designers already use AI to automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity." (18)

AI UX/UI Designers create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for AI-powered applications. They optimize user experiences by incorporating AI functionalities seamlessly.

"The general consensus seems to be that AI will not remove the need for UX design, nor will it replace human UX designers

UX design is arguably one of the most human-centric jobs out there. It requires empathy to relate to your target users and understand the problems they need you to solve. And, of course, it relies heavily on collaboration between multiple human stakeholders." (19)

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"Upskilling and reskilling is the top priority for nearly 60% of leadership and development pros." (20)

With the emergence of AI, reskilling and upskilling are critical for individuals seeking to remain competitive in the job market. More people will need new skills to align with AI technologies in their work tasks.

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