15 Undeniable Signs You Need a Career Change

Are you feeling undervalued or hitting a glass ceiling in your current job? Learn to recognize signs that it's time for a career change, boost your confidence, find new opportunities, and level up your career journey. Read on to take the first step towards achieving professional fulfillment.

Key Takeaways

Are you feeling undervalued or hitting a glass ceiling in your current job? Learn to recognize signs that it's time for a career change, boost your confidence, find new opportunities, and level up your career journey. Read on to take the first step towards achieving professional fulfillment.

15 Signs You Need a Career Change

Are you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in your current job? Do you constantly envision a different career path but don't know what the next steps should be? It may be time for a change. 

A career transition can be incredibly liberating and rewarding. Still, before taking that leap, it's essential to take some time to evaluate if a new career is the best decision for you.

Here are 15 signs it’s time to pursue a career change and open yourself up to a new world of opportunities!

Click to learn more about Unmudl and Amazon Original Course
Click to learn more about Unmudl and Amazon Original Course

1- Your Career Path Is Uninspiring

Feeling uninspired day after day can prevent you from growing in your career. It's hard to stay motivated when you're in the wrong field.

If you find joy or excitement in hobbies or other activities, but your job is mind-numbingly boring, it may be time to discover career choices that excite you.

First, consider what you love to do. What are you passionate about? Talk with your friends and family if you're unsure what your dream job would look like.

And before considering a whole new career, check out this quote:

"Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it." -Katherine Whitehorn.

Once you know your interests and what you're good at, land a new job in an exciting field by considering courses that could help you develop your abilities.

Start with our Unmudl network -many of our online and on-demand courses offer a guaranteed interview with an employer!

Next up, how stress can mean it's time to get moving!!

2- Feeling Stressed Everyday

Do you feel overly anxious, stressed, and exhausted at the end of the day? You're not alone.

 "One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives." -Northwestern National Life (1)

Your career should be fulfilling and rewarding, not detrimental to your well-being. Burnout can mean it's time to change jobs or make a career change.

If you know you're in the wrong career, explore your talents and consider how to prove your abilities to potential employers.

Taking some classes can help you learn and network at the same time. Our Unmudl network of community colleges and businesses ready to hire puts you on the fast track to your next opportunity!

Download Checklist " 10 Simple Steps to Smooth Job Change"

3- You’re Not Learning or Growing

Are you feeling stuck in your career? If you're not learning new skills and growing professionally, it may be time to find a job that will challenge you while helping you succeed.

"If you’re not growing professionally, you’re probably not getting closer to your career goals (especially if you’re trying to get a promotion)." (2)

A lack of growth opportunities can make any job feel stagnant, so explore other options if your current position isn't helping you reach your potential.

Careers that push you to become the best version of yourself can help you regain that lost spark of energy you once had at work.

According to Fellow, "Feeling like you’re progressing in your career can make you feel a higher sense of job satisfaction and give you a good feeling of where you are in life. Growth at work and the new responsibilities that come with this change can make anyone feel accomplished and reassured in their career path."

Find out how you can grow as you change careers with our Unmudl blog, "How to Afford a Career Change (Without Struggling!)."

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4-You Dread Going to Work

Do you feel a wave of dread when it's time for work? Workers often call this the "Sunday Night Blues." If your Sunday night blues make your stomach queasy, this could be a sign that it’s time for a career change.

  • Are your co-workers challenging to work with? 
  • Is it the environment? 
  • Do you lack friends at your workplace?

Feeling a sense of dread about going to work can affect your mental health. However, "Putting a name to what’s causing your blues can help you manage your feelings... write down what’s making you anxious and take some time to brainstorm solutions so when you... tackle those tasks, you’ll have a plan ready." (3)

Sometimes the problem is other workers or a lack of breaks. Other times, you dislike your job task - if the dread comes from your actual work, consider another job or business field.

However, if you enjoy your industry, consider a transition into a new role at your company doing another task using a different skillset.

According to BetterUp, "A lateral move is a career change where an individual moves from one position to another with little change in their salary, title, or level. However, despite no promotion, a lateral move doesn't mean you aren't going to gain new experiences or learn new skills."

To prepare for a new position, consider more education with our Certificate and Certification Programs at Unmudl.

5- Lack of Balance

Having a work-life balance is essential for most people. However, if your current career doesn't allow for any time away from the office, it could be time to consider other options. 

A career transition might be the answer if you find yourself constantly sacrificing your personal time for work.

"Achieving work/life balance means having equilibrium among all the priorities in your life – this state of balance is different for every person. But, as difficult as work/life balance is to define, most of us know when we’re out of balance." (4)

Find ways to transition out and get your personal life back with our blog, "7 Short Courses for a Rewarding Career Change."

6- Your Values Don't Fit with Company Values

If your personal values don't align with the company's mission, it's time to find a job at a company that aligns better with your values.

For example, if you value sustainability and environmental responsibility, but your current employer is irresponsible or unethical, you may not want to spend your time there.

If you hate telling people where you work and cringe at your employer's name, consider a new job! 

Some ideas below:

No matter what you're starting from or where you're going next, Unmudl has the courses and business network to help you find employers who share your values.

7- Experiencing Physical Stress

Are you experiencing physical signs of stress such as headaches, stomachaches, or insomnia over your job? This is a clear sign that something isn’t right in your current job. It might be time to start thinking about how to switch careers!

Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are any other life stressor-more so than even financial problems or family problems.-St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. (5)

Perhaps you're an insurance adjuster, and negotiating claims is too confrontational. You could transition laterally into a role that interests you or look at other career options that wouldn't cause such a high level of physical stress.

Your physical health matters, so if your current career makes you sick, it's time to change careers! Explore our Unmudl Blog to find tips about how to make the switch!

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8- Taking on Too Much Responsibility

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility you have? If so, it may be time to find a job with a more manageable workload.

If you're drowning in to-do lists or routinely unable to leave on time, your current workload could be too heavy. 

According to the CDC, “Short-lived or infrequent episodes of stress pose little risk. But when stressful situations go unresolved, the body is kept in a constant state of activation, which increases the rate of wear and tear to biological systems. Ultimately, fatigue or damage results, and the ability of the body to repair and defend itself can become seriously compromised. As a result, the risk of injury or disease escalates.”

Talk with friends or co-workers to get an idea of whether you're overloaded at work. Then consider transitioning into a role that offers more work/life balance or a job with fewer responsibilities.

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9- Your Boss Doesn't Take You Seriously

Whether your boss ignores you or consistently takes credit for your work, neither behavior is ever okay! If your boss doesn't value the work you do or listen to your opinion, it's time to start looking for a job where you can feel appreciated.

Assess what job would be best for your unique talents and abilities and interests. Then start searching and interviewing. Learn about the soft skills that can help you stay assertive and successful in your next role!

Find employers who will respect and appreciate your ideas with our Unmudl network! Gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue your dream job.

10- You're Not Utilizing Your Skillset

If your job doesn't use your unique abilities, it may be time to explore other jobs better suited to your talents.

Let's say you're working at a retail business that you never had any interest in in the first place. However, you know you're capable of more. You easily fix appliances and other mechanical systems without much effort.

Perhaps it's time to consider jobs that play to your strengths!

Consider your education with one of our Unmudl Originals. The below collaboration courses set you up for a guaranteed Amazon interview upon successful completion!

Don't stay stuck in a job that doesn't use the skills you already possess. Use Unmudl to jump start your career change today!

11- Lack of Benefits or Pay

Your financial stability and self-esteem can suffer if you've recently experienced a salary pay cut. Even if the company is saving money and it has nothing to do with your performance on the job, your company has hit you where it hurts!

Career changers routinely cite a lack of money or a low salary as a reason they switch careers.

According to CNBC, almost 48 million people quit their jobs in 2021, many leaving to pursue higher pay and better opportunities (6)

If your pay packet is not up to snuff, consider how to entice management to spend the money they need to keep you. Prove you're ready for new career paths, and you're not afraid to fight for your future!

However, also consider work-life balance in your decision. Sometimes a lower payscale can be a good thing! According to a survey by Prudential, one-third of workers recently switching jobs took less pay to receive a better work-life balance!

Sometimes, the salary is lower than you can go though. So upgrade your current skills with a new certification or in-depth course and find your way to payscale you deserve!

12- You're Not Feeling Challenged

If you stop feeling challenged at work and your creative drive to achieve is gone, consider how to find projects that help you push yourself to the limit again.

When your job becomes rote, look at your long-term goals and consider your next career move.

For example, if you've been a data analyst, perhaps it's time for a job managing data analysts. Learn a whole new skillset (management) while using the skills you already understand. Move from your current role into a position with better challenges and maybe even a fatter paycheck!

Consider these courses to level up your education and climb the corporate ladder!

Find the challenges you need to keep growing with Unmudl!

13- You Feel Undervalued

Feeling undervalued is not just about benefits and money. Perhaps you've been making social media graphics for years, but the management will not offer you larger projects.

Now might be the time to assess your hard work and ask whether graphic design is in your wheelhouse. In other words, you may be better at and happier with doing something else!

If you're unsure about a career change, develop your skills so that new opportunities become available. 

Start with courses that look interesting and go from there. It really is that easy!

Also, consider talking with a career coach or getting a certification to build your confidence.

14- You're Hitting the Glass Ceiling

If there is no upward mobility where you work, consider whether the only reason you stay is for stability. However, leaving your current job and finding a better position is less risky over time.

Let's say you want to be in a management position in a company that only recruits outside workers for these positions. To move forward, lookfor a company hiring for similar positions.

Or find an idea for your future with Unmudl, and level up with your career change. Our network of colleges and businesses works together to help you find the job!

15- You Receive No Encouragement

If those you work with are overly critical of your work, consider changing careers. We all need others to cheer us on in our efforts!

If you put your best foot forward and continually get shot down by superiors, find a new career at a company with those who will value your contributions and let you know they appreciate you!

One way to encourage yourself is by learning! According to Money, "Learning new skills can improve your productivity and has a way of making you feel good about yourself." 
Download Checklist " 10 Simple Steps to Smooth Job Change"

How to Find a Fulfilling Career

The key signs above may help you see that you need to change careers. While change can seem scary, it can also bring newfound energy, satisfaction, challenge, and rewards.

Whether you want to start your own business, transition laterally, or find a new career adventure, it's possible to move forward in your career!

Successful career changers begin with one point of change to step into a more fulfilling career.

Check out the complete guide to changing careers to get you started on your career change journey!

The Career Network for Career Changers

At Unmudl, we specialize in connecting career changers with the resources and opportunities needed to make a successful transition. We provide a personalized career network that allows you to:

  • Explore potential jobs
  • Talk with our networked businesses looking for employees
  • Get advice from industry experts
  • Find mentors who can help you reach your goals
  • Connect with other career changers

If you're ready to make a career change, start by learning more about career change or exploring our course offerings. We can help you make the transition into the career of your dreams!

Contact us today with any questions!

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Click to learn more about Unmudl and Amazon Original Course
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