10 Signs a Maintenance Technician Career is a Good Choice!

Explore 10 signs that the exciting and evolving career of a maintenance technician is right for you!

Key Takeaways

  • What are Maintenance Technicians? They are skilled technicians responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining equipment and systems in various industries.
  • Career Potential: Maintenance technician roles offer job security, competitive pay, and diverse work environments.
  • Growing Demand: Projected 14.9% job growth for industrial machinery mechanics from 2022 to 2032.
  • Hands-On and Dynamic: Ideal for problem-solvers who enjoy hands-on work in varied settings.
  • Technological Advancement: Embrace the future with AI, IoT, and predictive maintenance.
  • Path to Success: Unmudl's job-focused courses provide a pathway to top employers, ensuring a smooth transition into this rewarding career.
Explore 10 signs that the exciting and evolving career of a maintenance technician is right for you!

Are you a natural problem-solver who loves getting your hands dirty? Do you thrive on variety and enjoy the challenge of keeping things running smoothly?

If you're nodding along, a career as a maintenance technician might be your perfect fit. It’s a rewarding field that offers diverse opportunities to apply your technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and passion for hands-on work.

On top of that, it offers job security, is poised to grow, pays well, and offers plenty of paths for career advancement. 

We’ll explore all that and more as we look at the required internal attributes and promising external factors that combine to make a career as a maintenance technician so attractive. 

Here are 10 signs to tell if this career path is your calling! 

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Click to learn more about Unmudl and Amazon Original Course

What Does a Maintenance Technician Do?

First, let’s understand what exactly a maintenance technician does.

Maintenance technicians are behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes who keep our world running. They're the skilled professionals responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining the equipment and systems that power our homes, businesses, and industries. 

Whether fixing HVAC systems, troubleshooting electrical issues, or performing routine inspections –– they prevent breakdowns and ensure everything operates smoothly and safely

A maintenance technician’s duties vary depending on their industry and specialization. Here are some tasks that are common across industries:

  • Troubleshoot and repair mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems.
  • Perform preventive maintenance to anticipate breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan.
  • Read and interpret technical drawings, schematics, and manuals.
  • Install new equipment and machinery.
  • Maintain records of repairs and maintenance activities.

Maintenance technicians work in a wide range of environments, including factories, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and even theme parks! 

As a maintenance technician, you could be employed by a single company or work for a contractor that provides maintenance services to multiple clients.

maintenance technician

Why a Maintenance Technician Career Is a Good Choice

There is a long list of internal and external factors that signal this career might be right for you.

Let’s get into them.

1. Strong Job Security

If you’re after job stability, maintenance technician roles are as solid as they come. The demand for these professionals is consistently high. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 14.9% job growth for industrial machinery mechanics workers from 2022 to 2032, far outpacing most other careers. Even employment for general maintenance and repair workers is projected to grow 4% from 2022 to 2032, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

This surge is driven by the need to maintain increasingly complex machinery and infrastructure regularly. As long as our world relies on machines, equipment, and infrastructure, skilled maintenance technicians will be in demand.

2. Competitive Salaries

While a passion for fixing things is essential, a good salary and benefits package are also important. 

So, let’s talk money! 

Maintenance technicians earn pretty competitive wages, with the potential for additional pay through overtime and specialization.

According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for general maintenance and repair workers was $46,700 annually in 2023. The median annual wage for industrial machinery mechanics is even higher, at $61,420.

Specialized maintenance roles can earn significantly higher. For example, an automotive technician –– with particular expertise in systems such as engines, brakes, transmissions, and electronic components –– earns an average base salary of $61,272, according to Indeed.

A maintenance technician with enough experience and additional training might become a maintenance manager, a role that commands an average base salary of $90,773.

As you can imagine, the salaries increase significantly as you enter the top quartile of earners. Many employers also offer comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. 

3. Work in Diverse Industries & Environments

Variety is the spice of life, right? 

As a maintenance technician, you can work in a wide array of environments - healthcare, education, manufacturing, government… the list of sectors goes on and on.

If you’re a generalist or working on a contract, you might be repairing HVAC systems in a hospital one day and troubleshooting a robotic arm on an assembly line the next.

The variety of tasks and environments ensures no two days are the same for a maintenance technician. This can be particularly appealing if you thrive on new challenges and want to avoid being stuck in a monotonous routine.

Even if you’re more committed to working in a single industry or a single company, the broad demand translates to numerous job opportunities and the potential to switch when you fancy a career change

From the buzzing atmosphere of manufacturing plants to the calm of healthcare facilities, you can pick an option catering to your specific interests and requirements.

maintenance technician working

4. Hands-On Work

If sitting around a desk leaves you restless and unfulfilled, a maintenance technician role might be perfect for you. It is specifically suitable for those who love hands-on work – tinkering with tools, building things, or fixing broken ones.

You'll get to satisfy your urge to work with your hands and solve practical problems daily. Better yet, you get to see the tangible results of your work, be it smoothly running systems and machinery or permanent improvements in building infrastructure.

5. Opportunities for Advancement

Worried about being stuck in one position forever? Fear not. The maintenance field is ripe with growth opportunities

With experience and further training, you can climb the ladder to supervisory roles, specialize in advanced machinery, or even pivot to engineering or facilities management. 

6. Constant Learning and Skill Development

The technology and tools you’ll work with are constantly evolving, so maintenance technicians must learn to stay continuously up to date. 

If you enjoy learning new things and following industry trends, the constant developments in this field will keep your job fresh and exciting

Ongoing training is a staple in this profession. Near-endless opportunities exist to expand your skill set, continue your education, and advance your professional development

For example, you might take electronics, welding, or even robotics courses to increase your value and stay ahead of the curve.

a technician working with wires

7. You Have These Personal & Professional Traits

Being a maintenance technician isn’t only about technical skills. Employers value well-rounded professionals with polished soft skills. 

Ashely Finley, the author of an Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) report about employers’ requirements, concluded that, across industries, employers are looking for employees with a “broad skill base that can be applied across a range of contexts.”

If you have the following aptitudes or traits, you’re a natural fit for a maintenance technician’s role: 

Independence and Responsibility

If you thrive on independence and love taking charge, this career offers just that. Maintenance technicians often work independently, making critical decisions about repairs and maintenance tasks. 

You're a Natural Problem-Solver

Do you love puzzles, riddles, or anything that challenges your mind? When faced with a broken machine or malfunctioning system, do you see a problem or an opportunity to put your problem-solving skills to the test? 

If yes, you’ll love working as a maintenance technician. It’s a career that allows you to exercise your analytical thinking and find creative solutions to complex challenges.

You Thrive Under Pressure

When equipment malfunctions or systems break down, it's up to the maintenance technician to find a solution quickly and efficiently. 

If you enjoy the challenge of working under pressure and thinking on your feet, a career in maintenance will keep you on your toes.

You're a Team Player

While some maintenance tasks can be done independently, many require collaboration with other technicians, engineers, or operations staff

If you enjoy working with others and sharing your expertise to achieve a common goal, you'll find plenty of opportunities for teamwork in this field. 

8. You Want to Make a Tangible Difference 

Maintenance technicians are vital cogs in the wheel of almost any modern operation and are critical for the smooth functioning of our society. 

Whether you keep critical infrastructure operational, maintain hospital equipment, or ensure the safety of amusement park rides, your work directly impacts people's lives and well-being.

A recent report by Watco on the importance of good maintenance for successful businesses says that respondents’ facilities had an average of 27 days of downtime per year due to maintenance. That’s almost a month's worth of working days lost.

The report also emphasizes the role of maintenance in ensuring health and safety.

Knowing that your skills and work make a tangible difference can be incredibly motivating and rewarding.

maintenance technician working on aircraft maintenance

9. The Future of Maintenance is Revolutionizing NOW!

The maintenance field is undergoing a technological revolution. It's no longer just about fixing things when they break — it's about using data, predictive analytics, and intelligent technology to anticipate issues before they occur

Pratibha Pillalamarri, a senior executive at Aspen Technology, confirms a widely-held sentiment when she says that, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have transformed maintenance practices.”

With its interconnected devices and automation, the rise of the ‘smart factory’ and Industry 4.0 has created a demand for tech-savvy maintenance professionals who can navigate this new landscape. 

By joining the field now, you're not just fixing the present - you're shaping the revolutionary future of maintenance.

10. Direct Path to Employment with Specialized Training

Unlike careers requiring extensive education, becoming a maintenance technician is more accessible through vocational training and certification programs

Unmudl offers job-focused courses that connect learners directly with employers. Developed in partnership with Amazon, its mechatronics courses are a perfect example. These programs equip you with the skills needed for immediate job placement.

Unmudl: Your Launchpad to a Maintenance Career

Picking a career can feel like a big decision, and rightly so. 

A career as a maintenance technician offers stability, good pay, diverse work environments, and hands-on work. It’s a role with significant growth potential, constant learning, and a chance to make a difference.

If these signs resonate with you, a career as a maintenance technician is easily your perfect match. 

Unmudl's unique Skills-to-Jobs® Marketplace offers a direct path from education to employment. Our job-focused courses are designed in collaboration with leading employers like Amazon and ensure you gain the precise skills they seek.

By choosing Unmudl, you receive quality education and a direct path to employment.

Don't let your potential go untapped. Sign up for a free trial and take the first step toward your future as a skilled and in-demand maintenance technician!

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Click to learn more about Unmudl and Amazon Original Course
Click to learn more about Unmudl and Amazon Original Course
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June 16, 2024

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