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Knowledge of advanced anatomy is crucial for successful massage therapists. Get yours here.
Why Anatomy for a Massage Therapist?
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Anatomy to a massage therapist is like a complicated puzzle that they are working on one piece at a time. The body is made up of more than 600 muscles and when your client is a bundle of knots, you want to do your magic to make them feel better. Understanding the components to be able to achieve that starts with advanced knowledge of the human anatomy. Uncover advanced muscular anatomy and kinesiology with other working professionals and  renew your license to stay at peak performance as a professional masseuse.

“There simply are not enough high quality courses available to meet the demand of the industry in Arizona, let alone the rest of the country," said Senior Instructor Michael Tapscott, "so we are taking our quality education to the web.”

*Arizona massage therapists only* 

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