Contact Tracer Training Course for only $29!

Just 2.5 hours to get your Contact Tracing Certificate.

Key Takeaways

Just 2.5 hours to get your Contact Tracing Certificate.

Just 2.5 hours to get your Contact Tracing Certificate.

The ability to track potential exposure to help mitigate the spread of disease, especially during a pandemic as we are currently experiencing with COVID-19, is imperative. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home in the rewarding, fast-paced community health industry, consider being a contact tracer. Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “contact tracers need to quickly locate and talk with the patients, assist in arranging for patients to isolate themselves, and work with patients to identify people with whom the patients have been in close contact so the contact tracer can locate them.”

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In 2.5 hours, you will learn key concepts of contact tracing and its importance as a public health strategy to reduce transmission of diseases and equip you to work in a team with fellow contact tracers with the Contact Tracer Training Course from GateWay Community College. With a series of video tutorials, guides, articles, and other resources, you’ll be engaged from start to finish building the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a Contact Tracer . No prior experience necessary. 

This type of career offers flexible hours and shifts. 

Be an influencer in keeping communities safe to curb the spread of disease. Enroll today. 

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