How to Get a Mechatronics Certificate Online

Mechatronics is one of those degrees that people always confuse with other degrees like engineering and robotics. Sometimes they think that it requires years of study in robotics and engineering.

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Mechatronics is one of those degrees that people always confuse with other degrees like engineering and robotics. Sometimes they think that it requires years of study in robotics and engineering.

While that might help, you will be surprised to learn that many mechatronics specialists start with just a High School Diploma or a two-year associate’s degree from a community college. All you need on top of that is a short 10-week online certificate in mechatronics and you are set on a rewarding career path where the limit is defined only by your own imagination and hard work.

In this article, we will show you exactly how to get that online certificate in mechatronics.

A mechatronics career can be a rewarding one in many ways. For starters, it pays well and we have a separate section that talks just about wages in the mechatronics industry later below.

For some, however, the best part of mechatronics is that you get to spend your time solving a combination of unique and sometimes challenging mechanical and electrical problems. 

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These people find a career in mechatronics fulfilling because their suggestions are always put into practice in real life, impacting everyone around them, and they can see the results of their ideas manifest physically. 

In Mechatronics certain abilities and skills are more important than a 4-year bachelor’s degree. For example, you must be prepared to work collaboratively in teams, be able to interview and observe complex human and mechanical systems and be able to think analytically and creatively to come up with new solutions to problems of efficiency. 

Although a significant amount of your time is spent creating computer simulations and drafting designs, you are also able to take part in field testing and study.

An online Mechatronics certificate course can teach you all these skills to get you started in the industry in just 10 weeks!

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How to get a Mechatronics certificate online

Getting a Mechatronics certificate online is easy to do. Because the application of mechatronics is so versatile you only need a broad understanding of a number of subjects rather than a lot of in-depth specialized knowledge on one specific topic.

This is primarily why you need a 4-year bachelor's degree in electronics engineering but you can start off immediately with just 10 weeks of an online certificate course in Mechatronics. Of course, as you progress in your career, you can always opt to study more and earn even more with a bachelor's or master's if that is what you want.

If you are interested in this career, our special guide on how to get started in 10 weeks for a maintenance technician career in mechatronics is a great place to start your research on Mechatronics. Or, if you want to just dive right in consider enrolling in a free trial!

Before we get more into the online course let’s quickly review what mechatronics is because this will help clear a lot of confusion around this misunderstood career.

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What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a cutting-edge, emerging segment of the manufacturing industry. This multifaceted discipline combines electrical, computer, and mechanical knowledge with machining, robotics, artificial intelligence, and information technology. 

The major goal of mechatronics professionals is to study, identify and develop creative electro-mechanical solutions that increase the efficiency of any process in manufacturing.

It is employed in a variety of industries, including electrical engineering, manufacturing, and mechanical systems. An automobile plant is a good example of a mechatronics application. All the robots you see build, assemble, test, and paint cars were developed by mechatronics specialists.

These specialists were able to build these manufacturing solutions because mechatronics is a diverse field. It turns you into a jack of all trades. You learn about motors, control systems, software development for making things autonomous, sensors and how to use them, electrical components and embedded hardware, system kinematics and dynamics, and CAD, among other things.

How to get started in a Mechatronics career?

If you enjoy technology and want to work in manufacturing, you should consider pursuing postsecondary education in the mechatronics field. Though entry-level qualifications vary by business, most mechatronics technicians today are required to have either an associate's degree or a short postsecondary certificate before being hired.

A Mechatronics certificate can provide you with all the necessary abilities to begin an entry-level career in the mechatronics profession. You will receive hands-on experience with the systems, software, and equipment utilized in modern production environments. 

You will also learn about industrial robots, electrical schematics, computer-aided design, and other technology-related topics that will prepare you for a cutting-edge profession.

Does mechatronics pay well?

According to a survey in May 2021 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for electro-mechanical and mechatronics technologists and technicians was $60,360. 

The lowest 10% made less than $37,650, while the top 10% of mechatronics technicians earned more than $98,070!

So to answer the above question, yes Mechatronics does pay well.

Mechatronics for Equipment Maintenance

Because we have talked so much about how to get a mechatronics certificate online we found the best online course for mechatronics which we can highly recommend to you.

This 10-week Mechatronics for Equipment Maintenance course can help you break into the highly lucrative mechatronics industry quickly.

Type of Course: Online - On Demand Course

Duration of Course: 8 hours per week, 10 estimated weeks only

Cost: $674.00 Total price (excluding tax)

About the online course:

The Mechatronics Revolution is here. It has never been easier to create robotic gadgets and computer-controlled equipment. Because of the convergence of low-cost embedded processors, sensors, and actuators, experimentation and prototyping are now easier than ever. 

Modules will cover the mechatronics design process, microcontroller foundations, embedded systems programming, control systems, and sensor interfacing. Students will strengthen their knowledge of key mechatronics concepts and get real-world experience developing their own mechatronic systems through a series of hands-on laboratories. 

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Students who successfully complete the course will be armed with the foundational knowledge required to harness the Mechatronics Revolution.

Course Pre-Requisites:

To do well in this course, you must have the following experiences:

  1. Use of basic equipment (minimum of 1-year experience in a commercial or industrial environment)
  2. Basic electrical knowledge (minimum of 1-year experience using electrical principles and theory)
  3. Basic mechanical knowledge (minimum of 1-year experience using hand tools)
  4. A desire to improve mechanical skills and troubleshooting skills
  5. Understanding of safety protocols
  6. Critical thinking abilities

All these might seem complicated but you can have these skills if you just worked in a trade job that required the use of hand tools, like an electrician or a plumber.

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What are the advantages of earning a mechatronics degree online?

Many students are choosing to earn their degrees online. Although there are numerous reasons why someone would select online learning, here are two key reasons you should consider:

1. You can study at your own pace: 

Because you can access all of the learning material at once online, you can track your own progress in the learning process and study when it is most convenient for you. Whether it's early in the morning before work or late at night after all of your tasks have been accomplished. Whatever works best for you.

Do keep in mind that most courses require you to submit all of your assignments by the deadline.

2. You can study from anywhere: 

Well, that’s the beauty of online learning, it doesn't matter where you are in the whole world. 

Learning online allows you to move about and be wherever you want or need to be. You can attend all your classes as long as you have access to the internet. Even if you had a job that required you to travel or you needed to move for any other reason, online allows you to study while on the go.

You should also consider going through this great guide on attending community college online. It focuses on the pros and cons of online education.

Final thoughts

An online mechatronics certificate can give you the skills needed to start an entry-level career in the mechatronics field. You will gain practical expertise with the systems, software, and equipment used in modern manufacturing environments. 

You will also learn about industrial robots, electrical schematics, computer-aided design, and other technology-based topics that will prepare you for a career in a cutting-edge field

Mechatronics is a well-paying career. The median salary as discussed above is $60,360 but there is no reason, if you are willing to work hard and show the required potential, why you can’t get the average $98,070 that the top-end of mechatronics technicians are making.

In this guide, we showed you what Mechatronics is, what potential it has, and why you should consider it as a potentially lucrative career. We also showed you how to get an online degree that can help you break into the industry in only 10 weeks.

If you are considering mechatronics as a career, go for the course above. We wish you the best of luck! 

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