CVS Health & the Future of Healthcare Careers

Key Takeaways

So much has changed over the past year in so many ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live, how we interact with others and how we work. Ask a business leader to teleport themselves back to 2019, prior to the pandemic, and ask him or her to consider having most, if not all, of their employees, work from home. The answer would be a swift and decisive "no thanks" in most cases.

This is fairly illustrative of how the world of work has changed since the pandemic began. Prior to last March, a permanent work-from-home arrangement for most employees seemed unproductive, undesirable and, in some cases, impossible - at least to business leaders. Now, forced out of their offices and into the safety of their homes, workers have settled into home offices, or kitchen tables, in some cases sitting side-by-side with their children as remote learning and remote work take place simultaneously.

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As we all stare steadily and hopefully into the light at the end of the tunnel, CVS Health continues to play an important leadership role as administration of COVID-19 vaccines progresses across the country. Our licensed healthcare professionals continue to administer vaccines in a number of different settings and our front line retail store teams continue to deliver essential goods to the communities we serve.

Now, and long into the future, the need for essential healthcare workers will continue to grow, as will the need for skilled, certified and licensed professionals who can administer immunizations and care for patients with critical services.  

But so, too, will the need for healthcare workers who provide critical services digitally and virtually. COVID-19 opened up the world of virtual provider visits and showed us that it is indeed, possible, to have productive visits with a healthcare professional via our mobile devices. CVS Health's tele-health offerings continue expanding rapidly, which will lead to more call center and work-from-home roles. It's clear that the future of tele-health is bright.

Because of the many options our company offers in the healthcare careers arena, it's likely that we have career options that appeal to many. The need for a steady pipeline of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs, Nurse Practitioners and many other healthcare professionals will continue for years, and continue not only to address our current healthcare priorities, but prepare for future ones as well.

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