Caterpillar's Engineers Get Hands Dirty

Our engineers get their hands dirty and now understand the fabrication process.
Pssst...become a hands-on engineer
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announced Tucson, AZ as their centralized hub for the Surface Mining & Technology Division and broke ground on its new headquarters in 2016.  Caterpillar’s new building houses 750-1,000 company engineers, product development and support positions working on the next generation of mining equipment, vehicles, and technology. 

Caterpillar's engineers needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fabrication process to immediately improve the quality of their designs.  The engineers already had the theoretical training, but not hands-on welding, machining, and prototype development skills.

Pima Community College's Applied Technology Academy trained those engineers and that same training is now available to you:

  • Welding for Non-Welders    
  • Machining for Non-Machinists, and
  • Prototyping with Non-Metal Materials



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