Essential Budtender Resume Tips (W/ Examples)

With the rapid growth of the legal cannabis market, more and more career options are now available that pay well.

Key Takeaways

With the rapid growth of the legal cannabis market, more and more career options are now available that pay well.

However, if you are planning on breaking into the industry or if you are simply planning to switch jobs you must create a good resume that emphasizes your professional accomplishments and industry knowledge.

Generic work duties won't help you set yourself apart from the competitors. However, creating a paper that is focused on accomplishments will help you land your next interview. 

Tips and examples for both entry-level job searchers and individuals with years of experience can be found below

What does a resume for a budtender look like? A strong CV and cover letter make a positive first impression on a hiring manager when you apply for jobs. Store owners or managers probably go through a mountain of resumes every time they put up an ad for a budtender position.

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These resumes come from many unqualified applications. Hiring managers immediately screen and reject the majority of applicants in today's fast-paced market. So how do you stand out in such a crowded playing field? 

To start with, your resume for a bartender needs to mention all of the necessary skills and credentials. A strong resume is essential to getting your foot in the door of the industry, whether you're applying to a medical or adult-use store. 

In this post, we will share with you examples of budtender CVs. We will also share with you a step-by-step tutorial and an example of how to create your own resume. It's never been simpler to get started in this quickly expanding business. So let’s get started!

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Where to begin with your Budtender resume

According to Forbes, there are already 428,059 full-time jobs supported by the cannabis business in the US. The number of jobs created by the industry last year reached six digits for the first time. A report published by Leafly suggests the sector added 107,059 new employment in 2021 after adding 32,700 jobs in 2019 and 77,300 employees in 2020.

To put that into perspective, Leafly stated in the report, "America's whole financial sector added 145,000 jobs last year." "From coast to coast, the building industry added 165,000 employment."

In the US, a Budtender makes an average pay of $37,941.That amounts to $16.28 per hour. But just like bartenders, budtenders also make a decent amount of earnings in tips!

Budtenders, also referred to as bud tenders, are the face of the contemporary marijuana industry and are employed at both recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries. 

If you want to start a career in this exciting industry you need to develop a CV that demonstrates your product expertise and people skills in order to land a rewarding job as a budtender in the lucrative cannabis market. You should also read up on how to get hired & impress a dispensary.

Photo by Cova Software
Photo by Cova Software

What should go on a budtender resume?

It's a common misconception that budtenders are just potheads who simply use marijuana and spend every day searching for the cheapest prices on buds. In reality, this is a professional sales position representing recreational cannabis shops and medical marijuana dispensaries as a spokesman.

If you're trying to land a job at one of these marijuana dispensaries, the following should be on your budtender resume:

  • A resume summary or opening statement.
  • A detailed listing of all relevant work experience, including volunteer work and internships.
  • A section on education and certifications where you should list any literature you have about cannabis use and degrees, certificates, and/or licenses pertaining to cannabis.
  • A list of the skills you believe, would be useful to the business you plan to join.

A resume for a job as a budtender should also include a cover letter that summarises the key aspects of your CV.

Now let's examine these components in more detail as a typical resume template.

Unmudl Tip
Although a formal degree is not required to work in the marijuana sector, companies may ask you to submit to a background check and verify your licensing. Make sure you have the necessary licenses in your city before applying to a company if you want to work as a budtender.

Budtender resume template

There are six key areas of a well-written resume. Take a look at a very basic budtender resume template below which we'll dissect in detail and help you customize for your credentials.

1. The Header: Basic Information




Address: 1234 Marijuana Drive, LA, CA 90001


2. Objective/ Intro/ Summary

Dedicated professional with [Number of years] years of cannabis industry expertise. Please consider using my [Relevant skills] to fill your opening for a budtender. A reliable person seeking to serve patients and clients by offering valuable assistance and insights in order to further the objectives of [Company's name].

3. Employment History


Employer Name, Location: Start Year–End Year

  • For each entry in your job history, use three to five bullet points to summarise your duties and accomplishments.
  • To communicate your accomplishments, include concrete figures and information in your bullet points (For example, the types of products you sold, and the average number of sales you made per week)
  • Start each bullet point with strong resume action verbs to make a stronger impression on recruiters and provide useful context (For instance, enhanced, maximized, improved, analyzed, collaborated, communicated, conducted, coordinated, developed, examined, executed, implemented, led, managed, oversaw, performed, planned, resolved, verified, etc)


Employer Name, Location: Start Year–End Year

  • If you are no longer employed by a company, mention your previous employment on your resume using verbs in the past tense.
  • Be as specific as you can (For example, list the actual names of cannabis products you sold, the weights you worked with, or the software you used to track inventory). This type of information adds a lot of weight to your resume.

4. Education and Certifications


Issuing authority, Location: Date of certification

Briefly describe your certification highlighting anything you learned that could directly impact this job as well as any licenses obtained (if any) due to certification.


University/Community College etc, Location: Start Year–End Year

In the education section of your resume, mention your greatest level of education, such as a master's or bachelor's degree.

Include your high school name, graduation year (if applicable), GPA (if it's 3.5 or higher), and relevant coursework on your resume if you don't have a degree.

5. Skills

List 3-6 bullet points of hard and soft skills relevant to the position you're applying for (for instance, bud trimming, knowledge of marijuana strains and products, people skills)

6. Additional Information

Include other sections on your resumes, such as those listing any charity work, honors and awards, extracurricular activities, hobbies, foreign languages, or publications, to effectively conclude your resume.

Photo by Alesia Kozik

Now let’s start putting together your resume

Sections 1, 3, and 4 are fairly straight forward and you just need to fill out the relevant details so we are going to be focusing on Sections 2 and 5.

Section 2: Objective/ Intro/ Summary

Have you ever wondered how hiring managers select which resumes to go through and which ones to discard?

Employers scan resumes for a maximum of 5–6 seconds before determining whether or not they are relevant.

Unmudl Tip
To prevent formatting issues and make it simple for employers to understand your budtender resume, use a suitable resume font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia.

They look for factors like your educational background, professional accomplishments, and particular abilities. And odds are good that you won't get the interview unless they can tell right away that you're relevant.

If you do this correctly, your resume summary will be a huge blinking "Hire Me" sign.

And this is where the Objective or Summary right below the Basic Information section comes in. They always start by reviewing this section. Think of this as your introduction. 

Now, you might be asking what the difference between Objective and Summary is.

  • Objective: If you're new to the field, a budtender resume objective demonstrates your enthusiasm for the field and your desire to join the industry. If you are new to the industry you should also review our Budtender Study guide for 2022.

    I recently graduated with a degree in botany and would love to work for CannabisAreUs Inc. to help it grow in Colorado. I completed a summer internship at the Pot Head Cannabis Co. where I weighed out and rolled marijuana products and observed the manager as she interacted with clients.

    I have earned a Budtender Basics Certification. This taught me to thoroughly understand the client's requirements in order to prescribe the right cannabis strains and dosages. I'm new to the field, but I'm eager to learn and would want to add something to the
    CannabisAreUs Inc. team.
  • Summary: A Professional Summary should be included if you are an experienced worker or are applying for a managing position.

    A seasoned budtender with a Cannabis Budtender Certification, I spent more than four years working at a number of CannabisAreUs dispensaries, where I dealt with more than 200 marijuana strains and had an 80% plus client retention rate. 

    I had to weigh and pack shipments as well as advise consumers in selecting the marijuana strain that was best for their requirements. Looking to help BudBoy LLC grow its clientele in California right now.

    Both are excellent opening statements, but what actually draws the eye to them?

In the Objective example, the applicant's prior internship experience was listed in this resume for a budtender, demonstrating their desire to work in this field.

This Summary statement is also perfect for a resume for a budtender because it clearly includes performance numbers that demonstrate their strong work ethic.

Unmudl Tip
Include the names of the company's products and other industry-related keywords from their job description on your resume because employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find the best candidates by searching for relevant keywords.

Section 5: Skills

The most effective method of showcasing your skills as a bartender involves more than just handing out customers their marijuana; the qualifications to work at a dispensary may be considerably more stringent than you realize. These are essential skills for a budtender resume.

Budtender Soft Skills

  • Awareness of marijuana strains, their effects, and their usefulness for medicinal purposes
  • Complete understanding of state-specific cannabis laws
  • Demonstratable customer service skills
  • Demonstrable interpersonal skills
  • Building relationships
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Ethical conduct
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Punctuality

Budtender Hard Skills

  • Experience with POS systems
  • Stock keeping and inventory management
  • Understanding different measuring systems
  • Basic math skills
  • Computer/ MS Office skills
  • Keeping inventory
  • Maintaining product knowledge
  • Math skills

Don't just list these skills; go into detail about them and demonstrate how you used them with real-life examples. If done correctly, it ought to resemble this sample of a budtender resume:

  • I used my considerable knowledge of more than 200 cannabis strains to pinpoint the unique requirements of various clients and create products specifically for them. This primarily helped me build great rapport with clients and made them repeat customers.
  • Worked extensively on the POS systems for Shopify, Revel, and Lightspeed in accordance with CA MMJ laws and regulations.
Unmudl Tip
If you want to freshen up your cannabis knowledge before your interview, one of the best resources is Cannabis 101, The basics by Leafly.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

The cover letter

Budtender positions, like any other job application, call for a cover letter in addition to your CV. Resumes and cover letters are not the same thing. However, both should highlight your familiarity with and willingness to work in the cannabis sector.

Check out this sample budtender resume cover letter for a job at a dispensary as a guide while writing your own budtender resume:

  • Being a medical cannabis user myself, I feel compelled to advocate for its use in treating and reducing pain. I want to use my personal experiences to help BudBoy LLC as a budtender. 

    Despite the stigma associated with it, I think marijuana use can actually help people reclaim lives that have been lost to illness. 

    I formerly worked at CannabisAreUs Inc where I was given the responsibility of working with consumers to determine their unique needs and customize a product using my in-depth knowledge of over 200 cannabis strains. I hold a Cannabis Budtender Certification.

    I had a strong 85% customer approval rating at that employment, and I frequently had clients come back and expressly ask for my services. The team gave me the title of "Inspiring leader," and I'm eager to use it to help individuals in need by lending my expertise to BudBoy LLC.

By the way, if you happen to live or work in Arizona, we have a special guide on how to become a budtender in Arizona.

Links to some good resumes

To inspire you, here are some really good resume samples for budtenders. The one from Zety also has a creative layout that will immediately catch the attention of a manager sifting through tons of CVs.


Source: Zety


Source: Monster


Source: Livecareer

Final Word

Budtending is a rapidly expanding field that can be ideal for you if you have a passion for marijuana. As a budtender, you are not only the face of the dispensary but also the industry. 

You'll need a CV that emphasizes your product knowledge of cannabis as well as your hard and soft skills if you want to land that ideal job as a budtender. To develop an effective budtender resume that will catch the attention of hiring managers, use the template, tips, and suggestions above.

Good luck with the job hunting!

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