The Best Mechatronics Courses to Get You Job-Ready

Discover the best mechatronics courses on Unmudl that connect you with high-demand skills and direct job opportunities, including partnerships with major companies.

Key Takeaways

Discover the best mechatronics courses on Unmudl that connect you with high-demand skills and direct job opportunities, including partnerships with major companies.

Mechatronics is a cutting-edge field that combines elements of mechanics, electronics, robotics, and software to create complex automated systems.

As automation expands across industries, mechatronics technicians and engineers are needed to design, build, and improve intelligent machines. 

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Mechatronics engineer in the US is over $100,000 a year and for a technician it’s up to $87,000. 

The field is also expected to grow by nearly 20,000 new jobs by 2029––making mechatronics a safe bet for financial stability and abundant opportunities. 

But how do you get started in this futuristic field? 

It might surprise you that an engineering degree is not mandatory for a career in mechatronics, although you can consider that option too. 

In this article, we spotlight some of the best mechatronics courses that provide the precise skills and knowledge employers want. 

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What Makes Unmudl Mechatronics Courses Special?

This article focuses heavily on Unmudl’s mechatronics courses so it’s worth briefly talking about what makes them so special.  

Unmudl goes beyond offering courses and certifications. Its Skills-to-Jobs® approach is designed to connect learners with potential employers directly after course completion.  

Let’s say you complete one of the mechatronics programs on Unmudl. The platform can then help you get in the door with top companies like Amazon hiring for those exact skills. That’s because some Unmudl mechatronics courses are created in partnership with Amazon! 

Better yet, if Amazon hires you after you have completed a relevant Unmudl course, you may qualify for reimbursement of the course fees. 

That means you could start with a free trial and end up with a paid course covered by your new employer. 

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Whether aiming to become a robotics technician or control systems lead, Unmudl's job-focused training can provide the skills and connections needed to find a great job. 

Note: Unmudl can't guarantee an interview or job placement.

Get Job Ready with The Best Mechatronics Courses

Convinced about launching yourself into the world of mechatronics? 

There are so many online courses out there it can be hard to know where to start. To help narrow your options, we’ve spotlighted courses that go beyond textbook concepts and get you job ready in a short amount of time. 

From maintaining equipment to troubleshooting issues to programming devices, each of these programs will equip you with several specialized skills that employers want.

Whether you want an entry-level role or a more advanced position, these classes will successfully launch your mechatronics career. 

Introduction to Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a complex field that combines several disciplines, so getting started can feel daunting if you lack the right experience. 

Luckily, this comprehensive introductory course delivers everything you need to gain a strong foundation. The online format allows you to learn on a flexible schedule, from anywhere, and at your own pace

Over 35 hours of instruction, you'll explore the fundamental concepts of mechatronics in depth. Topics span from sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers to programming languages, control systems, and more. The curriculum provides the complete theoretical grounding needed to understand how modern mechatronic systems work.  

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The course also moves beyond textbook learning. Your knowledgeable mechatronic engineering instructors will also provide you with practical hands-on projects throughout the course. 

You'll have the chance to actively apply your new knowledge by designing and building basic mechatronic systems yourself. This allows you to gain first-hand experience in bringing concepts to life.

By the end of the course, you'll have developed concrete skills in areas like system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. It's the ideal launch pad to start your mechatronics career and it costs $499, but you can start off with the free trial version to see if it’s a good fit. 

Are you thinking of entering the lucrative mechatronics sector?

Get started in 5 weeks with a certificate course from the comfort of your home!

Mechatronics for Equipment Maintenance – Level II

Beyond the introductory course, this Level II program takes your expertise to the next level. The comprehensive 10-12 week curriculum provides advanced training in electrical systems, mechanical systems, motor control, and pneumatics through online instruction.

Subjects covered span a wide technical range, including public safety, design, telecommunications, physics, and additional areas relevant to the role. The course curriculum maps directly to the abilities employers want in real-world applications

Step-by-step, this course will help you build up the complex skill set needed to excel as a maintenance technician for industrial machinery and automated systems. Salaries for automated systems technicians range from $48K to $77K whereas the average base salary for an industrial mechanical technician is $47,598.

The bottom line: unlike so many courses out there, this course stands out in that it directly connects you to a specific job. While Unmudl can't guarantee an interview or job placement, the fact that you're taking a course designed in partnership with a potential employer is a pretty massive advantage when job hunting.

The course goes for $674 but consider the free trial to get started.

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To complement the online learning, this course is followed by a 40-hour immersive virtual lab course that simulates working on interactive equipment. 

You'll troubleshoot real-world issues in robotics, electrical circuits, motors, pneumatics, hydraulics, and more through this hands-on practice. The virtual environment allows you to problem-solve real factory scenarios and gain practical experience before starting your new career.

With these combined skills, graduates are ready to take on maintenance and repair roles across automated plants and factories nationally and internationally. Your specialized mechatronics training opens doors at numerous manufacturers and industrial companies. 

Principles of Control Systems 

Ready to become an expert in optimizing automated factory systems? This 80-hour course provides advanced technical training tailored specifically for control systems roles

You'll gain specialized knowledge in areas like assembly line machinery, motor controls, sensors, networks, and troubleshooting processes. Through hands-on virtual simulations, you'll learn how to identify failures, analyze data, calibrate equipment, and make fixes to maximize productivity.

The cutting-edge curriculum covers everything needed to maintain and improve the complex automated systems used in modern smart factories

Most importantly, the course prepares you to land a job as a Control Systems Technician or Control Systems Lead, joining manufacturing teams and overseeing smooth operations.

Beyond the technical expertise, the course modules align with the SACA Certified Industry 4.0 Automation Systems Specialist micro-credential. Adding this resume booster qualifies you further for lucrative roles in the field.

With flexible online learning, you can upskill without hurting your schedule in just months. The course is $999 but you can always start with a free trial

Degrees for Mechatronics

While not always mandatory, obtaining a university degree in mechatronics can further boost your expertise and open up additional career opportunities. 

Here are some top-degree options to consider:

  • Associate's Degree in Mechatronics Technology from Midlands Technical College. This 2-year program teaches skills like hydraulics, pneumatics, PLCs, industrial electronics, mechanical components, and process control. Graduates can maintain and troubleshoot automated equipment across manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, and more. The curriculum balances classroom and lab learning for a well-rounded preparation.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from California State University. This provides an immersive 4-year BS program focused on robotics, automated manufacturing, and intelligent mechanical systems. With a small cohort of 24 students, you'll gain practical experience through course projects, research, and local internships. The program leverages partnerships with major regional employers to align training with industry needs.  

While these degrees provide advantageous in-depth education, a full 2 to 4-year commitment isn't always required to begin working in mechatronics. Key skills and fundamentals can be gained through shorter certificate programs. Hands-on courses teach the core technical and mechanical competencies employers want. 

The right option depends on your career goals, timelines, and existing experience level. With the continuing demand for skilled technicians and engineers, companies look for applicants with the right mix of knowledge, training, and abilities.

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Get Started With Unmudl!

Mechatronics represents the future of advanced manufacturing and automation. This exciting field blends cutting-edge technologies to create intelligent systems powering tomorrow. With the right training, you can secure a fulfilling, stable career at the forefront of innovation.

But the question is - how do you get started? 

Unmudl is here to help you launch your mechatronics journey on a strong footing. Our courses deliver flexible, affordable training aligned with in-demand roles. With just weeks of online learning, you can gain proficiency in equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, programming, and more.

But unlike other certification programs, we also directly connect you to job prospects, giving you the best possible chance to make your future in mechatronics a reality. 

Discover more about Unmudl's mechatronics courses and take the first steps toward the rewarding career you deserve!

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