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Unmudl Launches Subscription Service for Community Colleges

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, August 30, 2021 / --

Unmudl, the Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace powered by America’s community colleges, has announced a first-of-its-kind subscription service for community colleges. The service, developed by Unmudl for community colleges, is to meet the strong demand of employers for highly skilled, diverse job-ready talent; and to meet the demand of 65 million working learners across our nation for flexible, affordable, high-quality, academic training solutions.

Unmudl allows community colleges to experience an affordable, seamless and flexible entry into the community college marketplace. Through the Unmudl community college subscription service, community colleges can offer courses to our nation’s employers to upskill and reskill their talent while reaching over 500,000 community college learners.

“This subscription service to join Unmudl is a major step forward for community colleges,” said Chancellor Lee D. Lambert of Pima Community College and chair of the Unmudl Steering Council. “As a community college, Pima has access to Unmudl employer subscribers and all learners in the Unmudl network. We are able to offer courses nationwide for working learners that teach the skills employers are looking for right now, taught by our talented instructors.”

Community colleges have traditionally focused on workforce development in their local regions and have not had to compete on a national or global scale. Yet, many national providers are moving into communities with offerings that compete head-on with community colleges. Unmudl is the community college response to these issues and allows community colleges to compete on a national scale.

The new Unmudl subscription service provides ultimate flexibility and affordability to community colleges for offering their courses to working learners across the globe and for serving employers with diverse talent needs. With affordable plans that can be paid month-to-month or an annual subscription, all community colleges with the paid subscription service will have some level of access to every employer within the network.

“Unmudl’s public benefit mission is to bring working learners, employers and community colleges together,” said Unmudl’s CEO Parminder K. Jassal. “We’re confident this subscription model allows community colleges to join Unmudl without hassle and long-term commitments, allowing them to serve employers and working learners while effortlessly broadening their reach and impact.”

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