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Forward Thinking Community Colleges Become Founding Members of First Global Work+Learn Marketplace

SANTA FE, N.M., Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today,, a public benefit corporation located in Austin, Texas, unveiled its flagship product, – a Work + Learn marketplace in advance of the CLOSE IT Summit 2019. The founding partners include the National Institute for Staff and Organization Development (NISOD), Innovate+Educate and five leading community colleges: Bellevue Community College, (Bellevue, WA); Central New Mexico Community College - CNM Ingenuity, (Albuquerque, NM); GateWay Community College, (Phoenix, AZ); Pima Community College, (Tucson, AZ); and San Juan Community College, (Farmington, NM). Lee Lambert, J. D., Chancellor of Pima Community College will serve as the Chair of the UNMUDL Community College Founders' Council. "This is a unique opportunity for community colleges. Education leaders are working to stay ahead of where learning is headed. Serving Pima's working learner is a critical focus on our College, and UNMUDL will not only help us achieve that goal, but will also help us scale our most innovative courses so that working learners everywhere get a tangible return for their time and investment."

NISOD's Executive Director Dr. Edward Leach stated, "I am so pleased that NISOD is able to partner with UNMUDL as a thought leader and partner for the future of working and learning. Our community and technical colleges see the need for innovation and expansion beyond their existing structures. UNMUDL provides an opportunity for them to be on the "ground floor" of innovation."

The goal of UNMUDL is to become the one-stop work+learn marketplace for the 64.5 million working learners in the United States and will be publicly available at the NISOD conference on Memorial Day 2020. The UNMUDL marketplace was inspired by New Mexico non-profit Innovate+Educate's skill-driven hiring experiences from over their last decade of work in skills based learning and hiring. Earlier this year, Jamai W. Blivin, Founder of Innovate+Educate, was quoted by the Urban Institute in their Next50 report saying "… there are so many technological platforms out there connecting people, but what we're missing is an overarching marketplace that brings all of the players together."

The UNMUDL work and learn marketplace features non-degree, skill-driven learning options for working learners to develop skills linked to real-world experiences to practice and prove skills to earn higher incomes. Todd McCracken, President of the National Small Business Association ( in Washington, DC stated, "So many of our members are elevating workforce and finding talent as an area of critical importance to them. Small businesses many times don't have talent management functions and need access to tools and technologies that will streamline their talent management. I look forward to working with Dr. Jassal and her team to collaborate with UNMUDL to benefit our members in their training and hiring needs."

Social is led by CEO Dr. Parminder K. Jassal, Founder of the Work+Learn Futures Lab at the Institute for the Future. "The future is already here, there are 64.5 Million working learners in the U.S. alone," stated Parminder Jassal, "which is six times larger than the traditional learner. Globally, the population is exploding, and we need to support them into the future. We are thrilled to team-up with cutting-edge community colleges to fuel economic growth and help communities and working learners meet the future now."


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