Measuring Success in Sales Training

Tuesday | October 26, 2021
Noon to 1:00 PM ET
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“Setting a sales professional on a course for sales success starts with the sales professional”, So says Debbie Holzkamp, CEO and Founder of Virtanza Career Pathways, a leading online sales curriculum and program manager who partners with colleges and universities to deliver a collection of professional, entrepreneurial, and technology sales courses in live and on-demand formats.

This webinar will feature Holzkamp in conversation with Julian L. Alssid, Unmudl’s Chief Marketplace Engagement Officer and Erica Barreiro, Future of Work Strategist at Central New Mexico Community College, about how Virtanza is partnering with Unmudl to empower the learning worker, whether new to developing business or a more experienced representative of the 2nd largest occupation in the U.S., in experiential online classrooms to solve the massive sales skill gap that continues to persist.

We’ll hear firsthand from Grace Whitaker, who will kick us off by sharing specific successes she’s had in her early sales career after studying and working with Virtanza.

We will discuss what makes Virtanza’s professional sales programs unique and scalable opportunities to close the persistent sales talent gap and position the sales professional as a studied, strategic consultant critical to the forward movement of the global digital economy.