Why Unmudl is Perfectly Suited for Military Learners

See why Unmudl is the perfect solution for military members looking to upgrade their skills and prepare for the workforce.
Want a better job? Want college credit? Need a certification or degree? If you do, now military members can easily do that with a couple of clicks at Unmudl.com -- the Skills-to-Jobs Market powered by America’s community colleges.
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Pick Your Flavor

You can start by picking a course that the employer you want is already hiring from here

Or pick a course from any one of the Unmudl Community Colleges to build skills - either in-person or on-line. 

And when you’re ready, redeem your course for college credit towards a program or degree at a different Unmudl Community College to get the job and certificate or degree you want.

You don’t have to pick just one!

You can enroll in multiple community colleges at one time, either in-person or on-line, to pick up different kinds of job skills that can add up towards a program or degree. 

So, you are no longer tied to a certain college or bound by time constraints.  Instead, you can focus on acquiring skills one by one and getting your sheepskin if and whenever the time is right for you.

For me, frequent moves from army post to post were one the best parts of my military experience as an army spouse. As an initiation into my first ever PCS, we drove from Texas to Alaska and experienced the remote and beautiful Alaska-Canada highway. 

Throughout our service we lived in places that most can only dream of from Alaska to Hawaii to Southeast Asia. We even travelled Thailand and India from a local’s point of view.

While the travels were unforgettable, with all the constant physical travel, the intellectual journey of higher education was continuously interrupted.

Life "happens" even when you aren’t in the military. But you can double that for when you know that where you are stationed is temporary and will only last a couple of years. Now subtract the time to move and settle in and then to re-pack and head out to the next post…..and those couple of years just got a lot shorter!

These interruptions don't have to set your education goals back any longer though, because Unmudl provides you with the flexibility needed for even the most transient military member.

Interested in courses offering veteran benefits?

Unmudl has you covered

No Application Fees or Testing

On Unmudl, there aren’t any application fees or burdensome entrance exams like the ACT or SAT– just buy a course like you are on Amazon and simply click and go.  

It’s easy peasy and you'll be banking college credits for when you are ready to get on a path to a certificate or degree.

Don’t Choose Just Yet

Choosing the right higher education path involves a bunch of choices which you might not be ready for just yet, and the wrong choice is expensive. 

Either you choose to attend classes on-line which might not be your style or it’s just not the way you want to learn how to attach a wing to the body of a plane, or you cross your fingers and toes that you’ll be able to finish up the program at your local college or before you PCS again. 

So why choose before you get to try out the college you might be interested in?  

The Research

The likelihood of choice hasn’t traditionally seen great rates of success at college according to The Atlantic. It’s no wonder that the best graduation rate for us military folks is only 20% - that means only 1 in 5 of us graduate with a degree – not very good odds huh?  

Bottom line, we military folks need a college that understands our lifestyle and supports us from day one throughout our lives – for learning and for good, solid high-paying jobs.

Go from Skills-to-Jobs (and credits)

On Unmudl you don’t have to be tied to the community college that you initially enroll in since you can jump over to another community college within the Unmudl network of community colleges if you see a more interesting course that is a good fit for you.  

So, you complete courses and gain skills that get you to your next better job or to your first job AND you are on your way to a certificate or degree too!  

Where do you go?

Get on your way at unmudl.com/military and hooah!

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