Unmudl Now Assists Active & Former Military Service Members

Skills-driven marketplace supporting job-readiness for military and civilian workplace advancement

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Skills-driven marketplace supporting job-readiness for military and civilian workplace advancement

Unmudl, the online Course-to-Jobs Marketplace from SocialTech.ai

proudly announces three new collaborative relationships that will help connect America’s active and former military personnel and their families to community college skills-based courses, course credits, and job-seeking assistance. Unmudl.com features more than 200 courses available through Unmudl’s network of seven community colleges, all of which are available without application fees. Courses offered through the Unmudl.com marketplace align directly with the in-demand needs of today’s employers to meet specialty skills-based hiring requirements of over three-dozen employers.

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Unmudl is pleased to be collaborating with these three military support organizations:

  • Hire Heroes USA | www.hireheroesusa.org | As a preferred training partner to Hire Heroes USA, Unmudl will be referred as a trusted resource for accessing courses to obtain work-related skills and connecting with in-demand job opportunities. Hire Heroes USA CEO Andrew Sandoe says, "Hire Heroes USA empowers veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. A partnership like this one, with SocialTech, works because we both believe in the limitless potential of those we serve. Their new product, Unmudl, exists to ensure that every community college learner gets into a job and that every company has the best talent to help it grow. We are proud to unite with them in this effort."
  • Patriot Boot Camp | www.patriotbootcamp.org | Selected by Patriot Boot Camp (PBC)—an application-based, highly competitive program accepting only 50 entrepreneurs—Unmudl is receiving assistance to connect with military organizations and provide skills-based courses from their community college network. "We are thrilled to announce Unmudl’s Dr. Parminder K. Jassal and Herb Head are accepted to PBC’s Virtual program February 3 - 4th, 2021,” notes Jen Pilcher, Patriot Boot Camp CEO. “They represent the best of our military and military spouse entrepreneurs and we are proud to welcome them to our family of over 1000 PBC participants."
  • Veterans in Residence | www.bunkerlabs.org | As a military spouse-owned business, SocialTech/Unmudl is honored to be accepted into Bunker Labs’ Military Business Accelerator as members of their first cohort group of 2021 in Austin, Texas. The program offers valuable business support resources as well as opportunities to build relationships with other veteran and military family member entrepreneurs in the community.

Unmudl and their community college partners are also helping current and former military service members identify courses in which they can utilize their Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and other military-related education funding benefits. As of January 2021, eight courses available through Central New Mexico Community College (www.cnm.edu) have qualified for this designation, with more course options expected to be added quarterly. Eligible courses can be found from the home page under Military/Veteran/DOD Eligible.

Dr. Parminder Jassal, SocialTech.ai Founder and CEO, stated, “We’re honored that Unmudl will be bringing even more value to the important work these organizations are doing. As the spouse of an Army veteran and community college graduate myself, it’s especially gratifying to be in the position to provide uninterrupted lifelong working and learning support for current and former military personnel.”

Unmudl currently offers more than 200 courses from a rapidly expanding coast-to-coast network of seven partner community colleges: Bellevue College (https://unmudl.com/colleges/bellevue-college-66); Central New Mexico Community College (www.unmudl.cnm.edu); GateWay Community College (https://unmudl.com/colleges/gateway-community-college-65); Pima Community College (https://unmudl.com/colleges/pima-community-college-67); San Diego Continuing Education (https://unmudl.com/colleges/san-diego-continuing-education-79); San Juan College (https://unmudl.com/colleges/san-juan-college-49); and SUNY Broome (https://unmudl.com/colleges/suny-broome-78).

About Unmudl and SocialTech.ai | www.unmudl.com | www.socialtech.ai
Unmudl is the flagship marketplace of SocialTech.ai, a public benefit corporation headquartered out of Austin, TX that builds social technologies to support an equitable, sustainable future.

About Hire Heroes USA | www.hireheroesusa.org
Employment assistance is the #1 requested service from transitioning military members and Hire Heroes USA provides that service to thousands each year. The mission of Hire Heroes USA is to empower U.S. military members, veterans, and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. Through personalized service and support, the group helps veterans and military spouses get hired and helps companies hire and retain them.

About Patriot Boot Camp | www.patriotbootcamp.org
Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) is a non-profit founded in 2012 to provide active-duty service members, veterans, and their spouses with access to mentors, educational programming, and a robust community of experts and peers to help them innovate and build impactful businesses. Their work assembles and activates an inclusive community that advances military members, veterans, and military spouses in their mission to become creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs leading the new economy.

About Veterans in Residence | www.bunkerlabs.org
Veterans in Residence provides facilitated accountability to help propel business forward. A partnership of WeWork and Bunker Labs, Veterans in Residence is a six-month startup incubator and leadership program that provides veteran and military family member entrepreneurs the community, business support, and workspace to help launch and grow their businesses.

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