Cannabis Training for Owners, Employees

Combine sales experience and cannabis education

Key Takeaways

Combine sales experience and cannabis education

Cannabis Training

Launching a cannabis business or want to work in the industry?

Understanding the legal regulations, the products and grades, and financial implications in the cannabis industry is imperative for your success. 

Cannabis 101 from GateWay Community College may be the right fit for you and your employees. 

Learn from Instructor MJ Stapley, who left her corporate job in 2014 to work for CV Sciences, a CBD manufacturer. Combining sales experience and education on cannabis, Stapley created the MJ Hybrid Training System which seeks to educate employees on the cannabis industry in order to effectively sell to customers.

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Take your education to the next level with Budtender Training, a course that offers both knowledge on cannabis and communication skills to improve your sales and customer relationships. 

For an in-depth look at CBD and how it influences the body, the CBD Hemp Training delves into the nuances of the Endocannabinoid system with a six step sales method that will help you pitch and sell CBD to customers.

With these courses you will expand your knowledge on an ever growing industry and improve communication and sales skills that will set you apart on a resume. 

Look for more training in finance and legal regulations coming soon.

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