How to connect TalentLMS with your Unmudl Account

Connecting TalentLMS with your Unmudl account using the TalentLMS Integration API requires a few steps. Here's a general guide to help you get started.

  1. To connect TalentLMS with Unmudl, you must authenticate your application using your API credentials (API Key and Secret)

  • Add your API Secret: To find your API Secret, follow these steps inside your TalentLMS account:
  • Go to your TalentLMS dashboard. If your domain name is “samples”, you can navigate to the dashboard using the link
  • Click on “Account & Settings” > “Basic Settings”
  • Scroll down to the “Security” section
  • Check the checkbox “Enable API” (if it’s not enabled)
  • A textbox with encrypted text would appear which is the API Key
  • Copy the text and paste this in your Unmudl integration drawer

  1. After adding the TalentLMS URL and API Key, click on “Test Connection”. This will authenticate the TalentLMS connection with your Unmudl account.

  1. After the connection is successful, it will take you to the second step “Entity Syncs” where you will map your Unmudl fields to the TalentLMS fields. Check the fields you want to sync between Unmudl and TalentLMS.

  • Mapping already existing Unmudl fields: For fields that already exist on Unmudl, you can easily map them to the corresponding TalentLMS fields by selecting them from the dropdown.

  • Mapping custom fields: Some fields might not exist on Unmudl but you want to map them to your TalentLMS fields. In this case, select the TalentLMS field(s) you want to add to Unmudl so data added on Unmudl can be seamlessly transferred to TalentLMS with this integration.

  1. After mapping the fields, click on “Save” and your field mappings would be saved. 

  1. Good job! Your TalentLMS has now been successfully integrated with your Unmudl account. 

  1. If you want to edit the field mappings or renew the “API Secret” added, go to the Connected App > “Edit” and make the desired changes. To pause the integration, select "Pause" and the integration would stop syncing data.
  2. Similarly, to delete the integration from your Unmudl account, go to Connected App > “Delete” and it will delete the current integration.