CBD Hemp Training

GateWay Community College
Developed in conjunction with MJ Hybrids.
Online - On Demand Course


The CBD Hemp Training course takes you through an introduction of the science behind CBD and how it works. In the education modules you will learn about the Endocannabinoid System, CBD, different routes of administration and understanding CBD Full Spectrum vs Isolate. The CBD sales training courses is a six step methodology to effectively communicate and sell CBD to customers to increase sales and customer loyalty.

You will be guided through your course material by your instructor, MJ Stapley. She started her journey in the cannabis industry in 2014. She left her corporate management career and joined the cannabis industry to work for CV Sciences, a CBD manufacturer. After discovering a need for cannabis employee training, MJ combined her passion for sales training and cannabis education to develop the MJ Hybrid Training System. With her 14 years of corporate sales experience and 6 years of cannabis industry expertise, MJ created training for cannabis employees that is both scientifically accurate and helps employees better sell to customers. Her mission is to legitimize the cannabis industry through proper employee education and training.






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