Safety and Health Training: Getting Ready to Train

Get Ready to Train!
San Juan College
Online - Scheduled Course
Jan 16, 2023 - Mar 8, 2023
Eligible for 1 College Credits [$308.16/credit]


Welcome to Safety and Health Training: Get Ready to Train! Do you want to know how to prepare state-of-the-art occupational safety and health training system? Here is your chance to explore regulatory issues, training theory, needs assessment, and program development. We will also examine OSHA resources, how OSHA interacts with the EPA, and how to meet the training standards set by various regulatory agencies.

Additional Attendance Information

Book is required for this course, covers up to 12 occupational safety courses.
Safety Professionals Handbook-Management Applications, Volume I, 2nd Addition
Print Version: $149 ISBN: 978-1-885581-60-0
Digital: $149
Link: https://store.assp.org/PersonifyEbusiness/Store/Product-Details/productId/30810016 

Jobs & Careers
Occupational Health & Safety Specialists
Health & Safety Engineers
Occupational Health & Safety Technicians

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