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software code on computer screen
software code on computer screen

Programming with Python Stack: Levels 1-3 (Copy)

Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College
Online - Scheduled Course
7:52 AM to 7:52 AM GMT (GMT +00:00)
4.8 Continuing Education Units
6 Hours per Week
8 Estimated Weeks


Gain a hands-on introduction to how programming with Python works.

Three levels of programming with Python are bundled in one course. Python is an open-source, general-purpose programming language with design philosophy that emphasizes code readability. This course has plenty of hands-on examples to illustrate how programming works. Learn types, operators, variables, IF statements, tuples, lists, dictionaries, functions and modules, files and exceptions, software objects and the object-oriented environment, relational database integration, networking and web programming. 

Eligibility Restriction (Pre-Requisite)

  • Basic Programming Essentials or equivalent knowledge  
  • Working knowledge of computers and familiarity with running Microsoft Windows 
Jobs & Careers
Software Developers, Applications
Software Developers, Systems Software
Software Quality Assurance Engineers & Testers
Web Developers
Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
Computer Programmers
Bioinformatics Scientists
Computer & Information Research Scientists

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