Mobile Application Development Certificate

San Diego Continuing Education
Online - Scheduled Course
April 26, 2021 - October 22, 2021
Evening - 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM CST
7 Hours per Week
12 Estimated Weeks


This three-course certificate program introduces students to the modern web technologies that are used to develop cross-platform mobile web applications. In the first course, students will be introduced to mobile application development, open source mobile application frameworks, and the process for determining the appropriate open source solution. Students will learn about the construction of multiple content screens, transitions, and user input. Students will also be introduced to common markup, styling, and programming language concepts.

The second course introduces students to setting up a development environment where cross- platform mobile applications can be created. Students will learn about the Software Development Kits (SDKs) of various mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Students will install and configure SDKs, and develop an application that can be tested on emulators or real devices. Students will be introduced to free and open source software and the selection process for determining the appropriate solution.

In the third course, you will think back on how far you have come: creating and customizing an app interface, writing advanced levels of JavaScript, setting up a development environment for cross-platform apps. That is quite a lot. You will work on storing and retrieving data from a database, and then, once the app is done, the final piece of the puzzle will be to learn how to market and promote an app so real people can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Course Benefits:
  • Live face-to-face classes
  • Collaborative project-based learning
  • 24-hour tutoring
  • Live counseling available
  • 24-hr library services
  • Career Counseling
  • Professional development
  • High quality professionally designed courses
  • No textbook fees

Additional Attendance Information

This certificate program has the following seven-week breaks:

  • 5/22/2021 to 7/11/2021
  • 8/7/2021 to 9/26/2021

Eligibility Restriction (Pre-Requisite)

Required Skills: 

  • Possess a 10th grade reading level
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the English language
  • Knowledge of math concepts at the 8th grade level
  • Basic computer literacy

*California residents are eligible for no-cost courses and certificate programs. Please visit for more information.

Jobs & Careers
Software Developers, Applications

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San Diego Continuing Education

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Founded in 1914 on the principles of inclusion and social justice, SDCE welcomes every immigrant, refugee and underserved population to fulfill educational goals. At SDCE, adult students find a fun and positive learning environment for every skill level. Students come from across 50 states and from 160 foreign countries, to learn in more than 70 free career training programs and in thousands of classes. In addition to a traditional schedule of fall, spring and summer semesters, many programs are offered online, allowing students to pursue higher education or career training while maintaining other responsibilities and active lives.

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