Line Worker Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Central New Mexico Community College
In Person Course
Nov 2, 2020 - Mar 3, 2021

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Become a Line-Worker

This course introduces the fundamentals of basic electricity, proper pole climbing techniques, proper use and care of PPE, safe work practices, basic knowledge of the function of the power grid and general knowledge necessary to prepare them for a career in the electrical linework industry. The course combines classroom time and field work in the outdoor lab at the CNM Rio Rancho campus with a strong emphasis on outdoor lab work.

As a bonus, earn your Class A CDL!

Receive the training necessary to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License and obtain your Class A CDL as a prerequisite to receiving Line-Worker certification. If you already have your Class A CDL, save $1000 on the tuition ($7,999).

Real World Experience

This program also includes an internship in the electric utility industry as a prerequisite to receiving program certification.

The pre-apprentice program consists of three phases:

  • classroom,
  • hands-on lab, and
  • internship

Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of:

  • Safety, including general and industry specific safety practices, care and use of Personal Protective Equipment and first aid.
  • Basic Electricity, including Ohms Law, basic circuits and electrical math calculations.
  • Pole Climbing, including use and care of climbing equipment, proper use of fall arrest equipment, determining the condition of a pole prior to climbing and pole top rescue.
  • The electric system, including sources of generation, functions of a substation, and determining voltage levels.
  • Basic Lineman skills, including pole setting, stringing and sagging conductors, application of pre-formed ties, application of armor rod and grounding.

Additional Attendance Information

Full time, 15 week program followed by 240 hour internship

Eligibility Criteria

For learners interested in more information, visit the program website here https://cnmingenuity.org/program/lineworker/ or call 505-224-4235.

Prerequisites include: Good attitude, ability to perform physical work in an outdoor setting in all types of weather, ability to stoop, bend and lift loads up 50 pounds. Critical thinking skills and a good understanding of basic mathematical calculations. Students will be required to pass a drug test and must have a clean driving record. 

Jobs & Careers
Electrical Power-Line Installers & Repairers

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