Leading the Future of Work - ONLINE

Central New Mexico Community College
Online - Scheduled Course
Nov 10, 2023


We are all preparing for a future of work that has yet to be defined, but what we do know is that changes are happening at an accelerated rate. The future of work is being significantly shaped by major societal and cultural shifts, and trends such as human-machine collaboration, talent mobility, and remote and flexible work. Different mindsets and approaches will be needed from leaders to help organizations adapt to this new work landscape. This Leadership Academy Module will help today?s leaders reflect on the changes they need to adapt to for the future of work.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the major societal and cultural shifts and impacts on workplace dynamics.
  2. Discuss how these shifts are already influencing work and leadership approaches.
  3. Describe top trends that are influencing the future of work.
  4. Discuss how these trends are already influencing work and leadership approaches.
  5. Describe essential leadership skills and mindsets needed for the future of work.
  6. Discuss how leaders need to adapt for the future of work.
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Human Resources Specialists
Human Resources Managers

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