Deep Dive Internet of Things

Central New Mexico Community College
Blended Course
Oct 5, 2020 - Dec 11, 2020

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Learn the Fundamentals of Coding and Creating Smart Connected Devices

The IoT Coding and Hardware Design Bootcamp will teach students the fundamentals of creating and coding smart connected devices built around low power computer chips. Starting with learning the components needed to build a smart lighting controller, working on devices for smart cities and/or smart manufacturing, and progressing through an original group design projects, students will be exposed to the fundamentals of circuit design, coding, and integration that will accelerate them towards careers in industries that build and/or use IoT devices.

Connect with Industry Experts and Employers

Throughout the bootcamp, students will he hear from industry experts on the current trends and use cases involving IoT. Students will demonstrate their learning and projects to a group of prospective employers.

Additional Attendance Information

Blended - 25% online/scheduled/synchronous, 75% classroom/lab

Eligibility Criteria

We encourage you to check out the application https://cnmingenuity.org/program/deep-dive-coding/ and reach out to Devonna James at djames42@cnm.edu with any questions.  

This class is full-time and runs between 10-12 weeks. The first step is to complete an application and our Program Manager will walk you through the onboarding process

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Computer Programmers
Computer Hardware Engineers

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