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Zoom Fundamentals: February 2021

San Juan College
Online - Scheduled Course
February 5, 2021 - February 9, 2021
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM GMT (GMT +00:00)
4 Hours per Week


Zoom is an easy to use video conferencing program that allows you to set-up virtual meetings, chats, and other collaborative opportunities with multiple participants. In this interactive course, download the app, create a Zoom account, then schedule, join, and reschedule a meeting. Gain knowledge and access to Zoom features like the Whiteboard, Breakout Rooms, Screen Share, and file sharing. Learn to troubleshoot technical issues that commonly occur in a virtual environment to master the online world. Discover skills that will help you as a manager and co-worker that can also improve your personal life as a parent and relationship builder.

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