Conflict Resolution Strategies 2.0 - ONLINE

Central New Mexico Community College
Online - Scheduled Course
May 3, 2024


Conflict is a part of any work environment. It can?t be helped. When you have a group of people working under stress with different personalities, there?s bound to be a few problems.

That conflict exists is not the issue, but having an effective conflict resolution strategy to resolve that conflict if it begins to impact the business is crucial for any manager. While conflict can be a creative fuel that helps teams compete and work more productively, it can also easily blow up and bring everything to a dead stop.

But how do you defuse a situation that is lit by anger and other emotions that are not responsive to rational engagement? It?s not easy, but there are ways. Here are some resolution strategies that can help you manage volatile team members.

  • Define Acceptable Behavior
  • Dont Avoid Conflict
  • Find a Netural Location
  • Dont Jump to Conclusions
  • Offer Guidance, not Solutions

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