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Computerized Logistics: Need for Automation

Pima Community College
Online - On Demand Course
July 6, 2021 - July 24, 2021
2 Continuing Education Units
10 Hours per Week
3 Estimated Weeks


Analysis of the use of computers in the logistics industry and an introduction to available logistics software. Includes the need for computers, the history and future of computers in the logistics industry, and the impact of computers on customer service. Also includes logistics software availability, selection and implementation, and security measures.



Eligibility Restriction (Pre-Requisite)

Information: Completion of ULGM 104A, B, and C is equivalent to completion of LGM 104 for 3 credits.

Jobs & Careers
Laborers & Freight, Stock, & Material Movers, Hand
Stock Clerks- Stockroom, Warehouse, or Storage Yard
Data Warehousing Specialists
Storage & Distribution Managers
Industrial Truck & Tractor Operators
Logistics Managers
Logistics Analysts

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Famous for its dramatic beauty, the Sonoran Desert covers beautiful Tucson, AZ where Pima Community College leads the way.  Tucson, AZ, is a mid-sized college town 60 miles north of the Mexican border. With a cost of living that's 8% lower than the national average and 6% lower than the state average, Tucson offers a thriving visual and performing arts scene with respected galleries, museums, and multicultural heritage shines.  Pima Community College regularly collaborates with Raytheon Missile Systems, Boeing and hosts one of the five international regional Trane Inc. Training Centers that focuses on building management systems and controls.

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