Child Homecare Training Certificate

San Diego Continuing Education
Online - Scheduled Course
April 26, 2021 - September 10, 2021
Daytime - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM CST
29 Hours per Week
18 Estimated Weeks


The three-course certificate program will teach you the foundations of child care, including: basic child development, health and safety, nutrition, and behavior management and discipline. The first course includes practical guidelines for child care and explores options for careers and vocations in early child care. You will learn the foundations of early childcare, including basic child development, health and safety, nutrition, and behavior management and discipline. The foundational application focuses on the identification of normative similarities and differences of intellectual, emotional, social, and physical theories at each developmental stage in early childhood. The fundamentals of family microsystems, family types, and the subsequent macrosystems are explored in order to design appropriate child care providing strategies.

As a career technical education course, the course has a competency-based focus across three key areas: knowledge, skills and abilities, and behaviors and characteristics. Practical guidelines for childcare and exploration of options for careers and vocations in early childcare are weaved into the competency themes including supporting child development, caseload management, accountability, communication, monitoring and enforcement, and leadership. You will gain a deeper understanding of the roles adults and caregivers in professional areas of service providing for the needs of infants and toddlers.

Upon critically assessing theoretical and practical research on appropriate elements of caregiving to facilitate decisions for a healthy environment designed for infants and toddlers, you will create a final project presentation at the end of the first course.

The second course is an introduction to topics common to childcare providers, including: licensing, record keeping and insurance; safety, facility preparation and regulations; illness and injury prevention; creative and enriching activities; communication with parents; and menu planning. You will learn practical guidelines for building and/or working in successful and nurturing childcare environments.

In the third course, students learn how to care for and nurture development for multi-age children in an early childhood environment. Emphasis on addressing topics related to the care and nurturing of multiple children include: sibling adjustment, birth order, temperament, family dynamics and parenting styles, communication and stress management, effective discipline and age and gender considerations. Students explore careers and vocations in Early Childhood Care and Education.

Course Benefits:
  • Live face-to-face classes
  • Collaborative project-based learning
  • 24-hour tutoring
  • Live counseling available
  • 24-hr library services
  • Career Counseling
  • Professional development
  • High quality professionally designed courses
  • No textbook fees

Additional Attendance Information

This certificate program has a one-week break from  7/3/2021 to 7/11/2021.

Eligibility Restriction (Pre-Requisite)

Required Skills: 

  • ESL Level 6 or equivalent

*California residents are eligible for no-cost courses and certificate programs. Please visit for more information.

Jobs & Careers
Childcare Workers

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