It’s been said that for the greatest wisdom in life, look no further than your own family tree.

Words of Wisdom from a High School Teacher

Mackenzie Matheson

It’s been said that for the greatest wisdom in life, look no further than your own family tree. So, I decided to sit down with my own mother, a woman with 11 years of experience teaching high schoolers business and marketing, and ask her about how she understands the learner experience.


Interviewing her allowed me to reflect on just how important community college is as a critical stop on any person’s education journey.


Q: In what ways did your understanding about learners change from your first day on the job to your last?


A: Teaching was my second profession. Prior to that I worked in corporate sales for a Fortune 100 company. While I had a lot of business experience coming into teaching, I didn’t have a great understanding of the different types of learners I would encounter in the classroom. My expectation was that, like me, all students would graduate high school and move on to a 4-year college or university. What I learned very early on is that each student is different. There is no cookie cutter model for what is best for their learning and their future. Some students are ready to jump into a 4-year program right away, while others would benefit from community college or trade school. There are too many variables – finances, credit options, career choice, etc. – to try to force someone down a path that isn’t right for them.


Q: How early do you think students should start looking into community college options?


A: Not many teenagers know definitively what they want to be “when they grow up”. High school is the time to explore different subject areas to see what interests them. Many high schools have robust Career & Technical Education departments that offer programming in business, engineering, computer science, robotics, welding, culinary, health sciences, etc. Students should take advantage of those opportunities as early as possible and use community college to further explore these interests.


You heard it first. It's never too late, or early, to head down the path of community college. If you want to be a stellar teacher like my own mother, check out these 6 courses from Unmudl catered toward teaching YOU how to teach online. Take it at your own pace and take just 1, 4, or all 6 courses and earn your certification. 

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From my family wisdom to yours, Unmudl is the best place to journey with community college.



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